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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Murrey paſſed through En|glande into Fraunce.1561 He departed from Eden|burgh the eyghtenth of Marche, and in Aprill came to Vitrie, where he found the Queene.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The daye before, Maiſter Litſter officiall of Aberdene was come thither, who was ſent from the Earle of Huntley, and other the Lordes ſpi|rituall and temporall of the North partes: hee tooke ſhippe in the Rode of Abberdene, and lan|ding at Brule in Hollande, paſſed through the lowe Countreys in poſt till hee came to Paris, and from thẽce vnto Vitrie aforeſaid, where he knew to find the Queene.

The Earle of Murrey wente with the Q. vnto Iannille, and tarried there a fiue or ſyxe dayes, and then taking his leaue, returned into Scotland.

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