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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Shortely after Frauncis the Frenche King, huſbande to the Queene of Scotlande departed this life in December, and Charles his brother was crowned in his place. The Queene beyng then widowe, and Dowager of Fraunce, de|parted from Orleaunce (where the Courte laye when hir huſbande deceaſſed) and wente to the Towne of Reimes in Champaigne,The Scottiſhe [...]ene wente [...] Loraine. where ſhe remained till the fifteenthe daye of Aprill follo|wing, & then purpoſing to retourne into Scot|lande, ſhe tooke hir iourney towardes Ianville, and ſo into Loraine, there to take leaue of hir kinſfolke by hir mothers ſide. The Biſhoppe of Glaſquo, & the Abbot of Dunfermlyng Scot|tiſhemen, were ſtill attendaunt on hir in this iourney.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There were with hir alſo the Cardinals of Lorayne and Guyſe, the Duke Daumale, and the Marqueſſe Dalbeuf hir Vncles.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Before this,Ambaſſadors ſent into En|glande. in the beginning of the Winter this yeare, the Lords ſent the Earle of Morton and Glencarne, and the yong Lard of Leding|ton Secretarie, Ambaſſadors into England, to giue thankes to the Queenes Maieſtie of En|gland, for the aide whiche they had receyued of hir, to expulſe the Frenchmen.

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