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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Scottes light horſemen commyng on the backe of the Engliſh army, perceyued where the Almaignes (to make them ready to giue ba|tayle) had throwen of their clokes and lefte the ſame with all other their baggage and ſtuffe whiche they had aboute them in the keepyng of none, but of their women and boyes,The baggage of the Engliſh lanſqueneiz ſpoyled by the Scottiſh horſ|men. wherevpon thoſe Scottes horſemen not minding to ſuffer ſuch a pray to eſcape theyr handes came gallop|ping in, and tooke all the beſte ſtuffe they coulde lay holde vpon, and returned in ſafetie before a|ny enimy might come backe to the reſkew.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Almaignes were in no ſmall chaufe for the loſſe of their garments and other neceſſaries, but there was no helpe then to ſeeke remedy in that behalfe, for the Scottes were withdrawen and got quite out of daunger.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Engliſh army after that the Frenchmen were thus fledde and gone, paſſed foorth to Ha|dington with their cariages laden with vitailes, to the great comforte of them within that for|treſſe, ſtanding in great neceſſitie before this cõ|uoye came.Hadington vitayled. This ſommer alſo and a litle be|fore the vittellyng thus of Hadington, vpon knowledge had that Iulian Romero with his bande of Spaniardes,Iulian Rome|ro diſtreſsed. wherof he was Captaine ſeruyng the king of Englande, was lodged in Coldingham a ſixe miles diſtant frõ Berwike, certaine bandes of Almaignes and Frenchmen came thither vpon the ſuddẽ, and ſurpriſing the Spanyardes before they were aware of theyr approche, ſet vpon them in their lodgings, tooke and ſlew in maner the whole number of them.Faſt caſtell re|couered by Scottes. Moreouer about the ſame time Faſt caſtel was recouered by a trayne out of the Engliſhmens EEBO page image 480 handes, certayne Scottiſhmen fayning them|ſelues to bryng prouiſion of vittayles to them that kepte it, and getting entrie within the gate, firſt ſlewe the porters that warded at the gate, and after aſſayling the other within the houſe, ſlew the moſt parte of them, & tooke the reſidue, obteyning thereby poſſeſſion of the Caſtell.

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