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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Villegaignon with his galleys paſſed on be|fore to keepe the Engliſhmẽ occupied, ſo as they ſhould not perceyue the Frenchmens meaning:Inskith aſsal|led by the Frenchmen. but they diſcouering the veſſels at their ſettyng foorth, conceyued ſtreightwayes what was in|tended, & thervpon prepared to keepe the enimies off from landing, ſo that vpon the Frenchmens approche, they ſaluted them with arrowes and Harquebuzeſhot very hotely: at lẽgth yet by fine force the Scots and Frenchmen got a land, and droue the Engliſhmen and Italians backe frõ the ſea ſtronde vp to the higher grounde, where they ſtoode at defenſe on a plompe togither, do|yng their beſt to defende the place agaynſt the aſſaylantes:Capitayne Cotton gene|rall of Inſ|kith and o|thers ſlayne. but finally their generall named Cotton, being ſlaine with George Applebie E|ſquyer a Capitayne of an enſeigne of footemen ſent forth of Derbyſhire, & one Gaſpar Pizoni, that was capitaine of the Italians beſide diuers other gentlemen and the moſt principall men of warre and ſouldiers among them: the reſidue were cõſtreyned to retyre vnto a corner or point of the Ilande, where they were taken without further reſiſtãce although before they had made right ſtoute defenſe, hurte & ſlayne diuers Scots & Frenchmen, both at their landyng, & alſo after they were entred on lande.Monſieur la Chappelle hurte. Among other Mõ|ſieur de la chapelle de Biron was ſtrikẽ through the hand with an harquebuzeſhot, and his bur|guenet beaten ſo into his head, that his frendes that were about him, were fayne to conuey him into one of the Galleys to be dreſſed of his hurtes by a Chirurgian. Alſo a Gentleman named Deſbories, whiche bare the ſayde Monſieur de la Chapelle, his Coronell enſeigne was ſlayne with a pike by the hands of the forenamed Cot|ton the Engliſh generall.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus was Inſkith recouered out of the En|gliſhmens hands,Insketh reco|uered out by the Frenchmẽ after it had bene in their poſ|ſeſſion by the ſpace of .xvj. dayes, the more to the highe contentation of Monſieur de Deſſe, for that the ſame time he ſtoode vpon his diſcharge EEBO page image 479 and returne into Fraunce, beyng appoynted to ſurrender vp his place to Mõſieur de Thermes, lately before arriued (as ye haue heard) with cõ|miſſion to receiue the ſame.Monſieur de Deſ [...]e retur|ned into Fraunce. So that Monſieur de Deſſe to ende his charge with the glory of this atchieued enterpryſe, eſteemed it muche to ſtande with his honour.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shortly after he returned into Fraunce with the Galleys,Monſieur de Thermes ſuc|ceedeth in his place. and Monſieur de Thermes ſuccee|ded in his place for the generall conduct of the French army in Scotland. Who by the aduiſe of the gouernour and other of the Scottiſh lords determined with a ſiege volant to keepe the En|gliſhmen in Hadington from vitayles and all other reliefe. Firſt therefore after that Deſſe was departed towardes Fraunce, Monſieur de Thermes with his Frenchmẽ and ſome Scots encamped at Abirladie, [...]re buylte Aberlady. where they beganne the fundation of a forte, ſo to impeach the Engliſh|men from ſetting a lande any victuals, there to be conueyed from thence to Hadington as be|fore they had done.

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