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Compare 1587 edition: 1 After the Engliſh nauie was thus departed, Monſieur de Deſſe & the Queene mother being at Edenburgh, determined with all diligence to employ all ſuche forces as they might make a|bout the recouering of the yſle before the fortifi|cations begonne by the Engliſhmen ſhoulde be brought to any perfection.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 La chapelle de Biron.Herevpõ Monſieur de la Chapelle de Biron enharqued in the Galley of Monſieur de Ville|gaignon, rowed foorth to view the maner of the Engliſhmens dealing within the Iſle, whiche he did in ſuch effectuous wiſe, that approchyng within Harquebuſe ſhot, he brought knowledge with him not only of the ſtate & whole circum|ſtances of their buyldings, but alſo of the perfect number of their enſignes, & the qualitie of the mẽ of warre that ſerued vnder the ſame. At that preſent alſo Mõſieur de Thermes lately before arriued at Dunbrytane with an hundred men of armes, & ij. hundred light horſemen after the maner of Fraunce, & one thouſand footemẽ was come to the Queene, buſie nowe to further this enterpriſe. She had got togither within Leith hauẽ all the boates that belõged to al the creekes and hauens of the Fourth,The diligẽce of the Scottiſh Queene. ſo that on thurſday after Trinitie ſonday euery thing beyng prepa|red ready for the purpoſe, in the mornyng by the breake of day the Queene was come to Leith to ſee the enbarquing of the men of warre appoyn|ted that day to trie what ſucceſſe fortune would ſende them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There was no diligence wanting,The forward|neſſe of the ſouldiers. neither a|mong the Scottes nor Frenchmen to beſtowe themſelfes aborde, & the cõfortable wordes of ye Queene greatly encouraged thẽ thereto behol|ding them, & deuiſing with Mõſieur de Deſſe & the other capitaynes til they were al ſet forward.

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