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Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 470The twentith of September, the Earle of Lennox, and the Lorde Wharton encamped neere to the Towne of Annande, and the mor|row after approching neerer to the ſame, gaue ſommonance vnto the Captaine thereof, called Lion, of the houſe of Glames, who with an hundred Scottes kept the Churche and ſteeple of Annand, beeyng peeces of themſelues verye ſtrong and mightily reenforſed with earth: they within therefore refuſed to yeelde, and valiantly defended themſelues.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 The greateſt peeces of artillerie whych the Engliſhmen hadde there at that time, were cer|tayne double and ſingle Falcons, wherewyth they beate only the battlements, till they myght with certayne engines approche harde to the walles,The Church of Annand vndermined. and vndermine the ſame, ſo as the roofe of the Church was ſhaken downe, and a greate number of them within the Church ſlayne and cruſſhed to death. Suche as eſcaped fledde into the Steeple. Two of the Engliſhmen that wroughte aboute the mynes were ſlayne, but at length, the Captayne moued by perſwaſion of the Erle of Lennox, to whome hee clay|med to bee of kynne,The Steeple yeelded. rendered the Steeple vnto hym, with hymſelfe, and .96. Scottes Soul|dyers, with condition to haue their lyues onely ſaued, and the Captayne to remayne priſoner, and to goe into England. Immediately vpon theyr comming forth of the Steeple, fyre was giuen to the traines of powder in the mynes, and ſo both the Church and Steeple were blo|wen vp into the ayre,The Church and Steeple of Annand blo|wen vp with powder. and raſed downe to the grounde. Thys done, they brente the Towne (after they hadde ſacked it) and left not a ſtone ſtanding vppon an other, for that the ſame Towne hadde euer bin a right noyſome neygh|bour to Englande. The Engliſhmen had con|ceyued ſuche ſpite towardes thys Towne, that if they ſawe but a peece of timber remayning vnbrente, they would cutte the ſame in peeces with theyr bylles. The Countrey heerewith was ſtriken in ſuch feare, that the next daye all the Kilpatrickes and the Iordeynes, the Lards of Kirkmichel,The Scottes that came to aſſure them ſelues. Apilgirtht, Cloſbourne, How|mendes, Nuby, and ye Irrewings, the Belles, the Rigges, the Murrayes, and all the clanes and ſurnames of the nether part of Annerdale, came in, and receyued an oth of obeyſance, as ſubiectes to the King of Englande, deliuering pledges for their aſſured loyaltie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The reſidue that woulde not come in and ſubmitte themſelues, hadde theyr houſes brent, their goodes and cattell fetched away by the Engliſhe lyghte Horſemen, that were ſente a|brode into the Countrey for that purpoſe.

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