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Compare 1587 edition: 1 They gote alſo about the ſame time a ſtrõg fortneſſe, called Faſt Caſtell,Faſt Caſtell wonne by them. ſtanding neere to the Sea ſyde, and placed a garniſon within it.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And moreouer in this meane tyme,Broughtie Crag wonne. theyr Fleete by Sea wanne the Caſtell of Brough|tie Crag, and putte in like manner a garniſon within it to keepe the ſame (as in the Engliſhe Hiſtorie it may further appeare:) and in what ſort alſo all the chiefeſt Lords and Gentlemen of the Mers and Tiuidale, came in, and ſub|mitted themſelues to the Duke of Somerſet, vpon aſſurance had and giuen.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Furthermore, whileſt the Duke of Somer|ſette with hys armie dyd thus inuade Scot|land on the Eaſt parte, it was ordeyned by the ſayde Duke, and other of the Counſell to the Kyng of Englande, that Mathewe Earle of Lennox, and Thomas Lorde Wharton, then Warden of the Weſt Marches of Englande, ſhould with a power inuade Scotlande on the Weſt ſyde, to the end that there ſhould not any of the Weſt bordures nor Countreys come to aſſiſt the Gouernour, againſt the Duke of So|merſettes armye, but bee driuen to remayne at home to defend their owne Countrey. Heerevp|pon, there was an army leuied to the number of fiue thouſande footemenne, and eyghte hundred light Horſemen, with whiche power, the Earle of Lennox and the Lorde Wharton entring Scotlande the eyght of September, encamped the firſte night vpon the water of Eſke, & mar|ched the nexte daye through the nether parte of Annandale,The Caſtell of Milke yeelded till they came to the Caſtell of Milke, a fortreſſe of good ſtrength, ye walles be|ing fourteene foote thicke. Captain of this Ca|ſtell was one Io. Steward, brother to the Lard thereof, who vppon the approch of the Earle of Lennox, yeelded the houſe vnto him, withoute any ſhewe of reſiſtance, wherevppon Ferguſa Graham, brother to Richie, Grahame of Eſke, was appointed with a garniſon of Soul|diers to keepe that Caſtell to the vſe of the yong King of Englande, and was afterwards con|firmed Captayne there with fiftie light Horſe|men, by appoyntmente of the Duke of Som|merſette, and the Counſell, ſo that during the warres, be remayned there to the great annoy|ance of the Scottes, enimies to Englande, and preſeruation of the Countrey thereaboutes, to the King of Englands vſe.

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