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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame euening, the olde Lard of Grange, Maiſter Henry Bailnauis, one of the Counſell of the Realme, and ſundrye Gentlemen of the ſurname of the Meluines, Iohn Knoctes and others, to the number of ſeuen ſcore perſons, en|tred the Caſtell to their ſupporte, taking vppon them to keepe it againſt the gouernour and hys partakers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Gouernour hearing that his deere cou|ſin the Cardinall was thus made away, aſſem|bled the greate Lordes of the Realme, as the Earles of Angus, Huntley, Argyle, and others, by whoſe aduiſe hee called a Parliamente, and forfalted them that had ſlayne the Cardinall,The ſlayers of the Cardinall forfalted. and kept the Caſtell of Saint Andrewes: here|with alſo hee reyſed a power and beſieged the ſame Caſtell, planting diuers peeces of greate artillerie againſt it,The Caſtell of Saint Andrews beſieged. but it was ſo ſtrongly fur|niſhed with all manner of artillerie and muni|tion by the Cardinall in his life time, that they within cared little for all the enforcements that their aduerſaries withoute coulde aduaunce a|gainſt them, wherevpõ, after that the ſiege had continued the ſpace of three monethes,The ſiege rei|ſed. the Go|uernour was glad to take an appoyntmẽt with them within, to the end he might get out of their handes his eldeſt ſonne, who was remayning with the Cardinall at the time when hee was murthered, and ſo kepte by them that dyd the murther, tyll nowe they agreed to delyuer hym to his father, with condition that hee ſhoulde reyſe his ſiege.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 They deliuered alſo the dead bodye of the Cardinall, after it had layne buried in a dung|hill within the Caſtell, euer ſithence the daye in which they flew him.

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