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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the meane time, the Erle of Angus brin|ging the King with him arriued, and haue [...] to the battell but that the King was not willing to come forthe of Edenbourgh in that quadrell (as ſome haue written) and therefore made excuſes, as he did alſo by the way, fayning himſelfe [...], but George Dowglas droue and called vppon his horſe very ſharpely, and conſtreyned hym to ride forth with faſter pace than hee woulde haue done giuing him many [...]ious words, which hee remembred afterwards, and would not for|get them. They went that night to Striueling, and ſhortly after, paſſed through Fife, ſearching for the Queene,The Queene ſought for. and the Biſhoppe of Saint An|drewes, and bycauſe they were kepte ſecretely in their friendes houſes, ſo that they could not bee heard of, they ſpoyled the Abbey of Dunfreme|ling, and the Caſtell of Saint Andrewes, taking away all the mouables which the Archbyſhoppe had within the ſame.

This done, they returned to Edenburgh.

Compare 1587 edition: 1

Diſorders in a Realm, where ciuill diſcorde reigneth.

The Earle of Caſtels ſlayne.

Al this ſeaſon by reaſon of this diſcord, diuers and ſundrye murthers and heynous ryots were committed in many parts of the Realme, name|ly, the Earle of Caſſels was ſlayne by the She|riffe of Ayre, and greate ſpoyle done on the bor|ders. This yeare, the Kyng by counſell of the Earles of Angus, Arrane, and others, went with right M. men vnto Iedburgh, to ſet ſome order amongſt the borderers, for the keeping of better rule, and ſo on the eight of Iune, the principals of al the ſurnames of the clannes on the borders, came to the King, binding themſelues, and deli|uering pledges for their good demeanours.

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