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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Duke of Albany perceyuing howe the Lordes were deuided amongſt themſelues, and neyther content with his gouernement, nor wil|ling to maynteyne the warres which hee had ſo earneſtly perſwaded for the pleaſure of Fraunce, he declared to them that hee would returne into Fraunce, and ſo taking his leaue of the nobilitie, wente to Stri [...]eling, where the King was, of whome f [...]e tooke len [...]e, alſo giuing vnto hym ſuche louing and faithfull counſell, [...] to hys knowledge ſeemed expedient, and ſo wente into the Weſt Countrey,The Duke of Albany retur|neth into Fraunce. where hee tooke the Seas in September, and ſayled forth into Fraunce.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The King of Englande hauing in the mo|neth of Iune ſente ouer into Fraunce, vnto Ar|chimhald Earle of Angus, that remayned there vpon commaundement of the Duke of Albany, perſwaded him to come from thence ſecretly in|to England,The Earle of Angus com|meth into England. which accordingly he dyd, and be|ing ſafely arriued in Englande, Kyng Henrye procured hym to paſſe into Scotlande, that with the aſſiſtance of ſuche Lordes as would bee ready to take his part, he myghte reyſe warre a|gainſt the Duke of Albany, which fought by all meanes (as the Kyng of Englande was enfor|med) to deſtroy hym and his, vnt [...]ere the Earle could come into Scotlande, the Duke was de|parted toward Fraunce.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſixe and twentith of Iuly, the Kyng by aduice of his mother, and certayne yong Lords, came from Striueling vnto Edenburgh, and a three dayes after,The Queene taketh the go|uernement in|to hir hands. the Queene tooke the whole gouernement of the King vppon hir, and entred into the Caſtell of Edenburgh with the Kyng, where they ſoiourned the moſt parte of the nexte Winter.

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