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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The fifth of Iuly, Sir William Fenwicke, Leonarde Muſgraue, and Baſterde Heron, with diuers other, to the number of nine hun|dred Engliſhmenne, entred into the [...],Engliſhmen inuade Scot|lande. and began to ſpoyle and ro [...] the Countrey, but they were ſhortly [...]omp [...]ſſed about with Scot|tiſhmen, and ſo hardly aſſayled, that although they fought baliantly a good [...], yet by [...] force they were compelle [...] giue gro [...]e, and ſeeke to ſaue themſelues by flight, in whiche,Engliſhmen diſcomfited. Baſterd Hero [...] ſlayne. a two hundred of them were taken priſoners, and Baſterd Hero [...] with diues b [...]e [...] ſlayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Amongſt the priſoners, were Sir Rauf F [...]r|wike, Leonarde Muſgrane, and dyuers other: Gentlemen of good calling.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſeuententh of Iuly, the Lord Maxwell, and Sir Alexander Iordeyne,Four thouſand ſaith Hall. with [...] Scottiſhmen in great number, entred England at the [...]eſt marches by Careleſſe, with diſplay|ed [...]nners, and began to h [...]rrie the Countrey,The Lorde Maxwel inua|deth England. and brente diuers places. The Engliſhmen aſ|ſembled on euery ſide, ſo that they were far more in number [...] the Scottiſhmen, and thervpon ſet [...]er [...]y vppon their enimies, in ſo muche, that for the ſpare of an houre, there was a ſore fights continued betwixt them, but the Lord Maxwell like a [...]ghte p [...]litique Captayne (as of all that knewe him hee was no leſſe reputed) ceaſed not to encourage his people, and after that, by the taking of Alexander Iordayne and diuers o|ther, they hadde bin putte backe, hee broughte them in aray againe, and beginning a newe ſkirmiſhe, recouered in a manner all the pri|ſoners, tooke and ſlewe dyuers Engliſhmen, ſo that hee returned with victorie, and ledde aboue three hundred priſoners with hym home into Scotlande.

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