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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the meane time, whyleſt this ſiege conti|nued, a number of Scottiſhmen made a roade into the Countrey of Glendale within the En|gliſhe marches,Glendale burned by the Scottes. and brente and ſpoyled dyuers Townes, caſt downe ſundry piles, and returned without anye reſiſtance: for the Earle of Surrey woulde ſuffer none of his people to depart from the army, nor breake order, for feare of more in|conuenience.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Duke of Albany lying on the Scottiſhe ſyde of Twede,An Herault ſent. ſent an Herrault vnto the Earle of Surrey, willing him to call to remembrance, howe in his abſence he had inuaded Scotlande with fire and ſworde, for the whiche cruell dea|ling, be required him vpõ his honor to come for|ward, & he would meete him in ye cõfines of both ye realmes, & giue him battel, to which the Earle EEBO page image 435 giue him battell, to the which meſſage the Earle aunſwered, that he had no commiſſion to in|uade Scotland at that time, but only to defend, and (as ſome haue reported) hee cauſed a ſecrete meſſenger to paſſe to the Queene, as then lying a good way diſtant from the army, to moue for|ſome abſtinence and truce, [...] and further to per|ſwade the Duke to retire home, which hee did ſo that by hir labour a truce was taken for that in|ſtant,

[...] more of [...] matter in Englande.


and afterward cõfirmed for a longer time: and thus the Duke returned with honour (as the Scottiſhmen report.) This truce was wel kept all the next Winter following, and no inuation made, till the moneth of May. And then was the Earle of Surrey ſente agayne to the Engliſhe borders and the Lordes of Scotlande on the o|ther parte monethly lay on their borders o [...] quarters, for defence of their Countrey as the vſe is.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...] England.On Trinitie Sonday, beeing the one and twentith of May, a fiue hundred Scottes [...]|tred Englande, to ſurpriſe the Engliſhe [...]er|chantes, and others, going that daye vnto [...]|wike, where yearely on that daye the fayre [...] kept, and ſo by reaſon thereof, they met with dy|uers of them that went to this fayre, and tooke to the number of two hundred priſoners, whome they ledde with them into Scotlande, but Ha [...] ſayeth, that by the comming of the yong Lorde of Fulbery to the ſuccours of the Engliſhmen, the Scottes were chaſed, and loſt two hundred of their numbers.

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