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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Diſſention be|twixt the Earles of Ar|rane and An|gus.Herevppon, greate diſſention roſe betwixte the ſayde Earle of Arrane, and the Erle of Angus, bycauſe of his repulſe in that ſuite, whereby the whole Realme was deuided into partakings, ſo that ſundry ſlaughters thereof enſued, as of the Prior of Coldingham, and ſixe of his men mur|thered, by the Lard of Wedderborne at Lamer|ton the ſixt of October.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the ſame time, the king returned to the Caſtell of Edenburgh, and in the towne there, were remayning the ſame tyme the Earles of Angus, Erroll, and Crawford, the Lorde Gla|mes, and other the Biſhops of Saint Androwes, Aberdine, Orkney, and Dunblane, with dyuers Abbots and other Prelates.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 And in the towne of Glaſgo was the Biſhop of Glaſco Chancellor, with ye Earles of Arrane, Lẽnox, Eglentõ, and Caſſels, the Lords Roſſe, Sempil, the Abbot of Paſley, the Biſhop of Gal|loway, and other noble men of the Weſt. Thus the Lords were deuided, and would not take any order for the good gouernemente of the common welth.Monſieur de la Fayot. In December, Monſieur de la Fayot, and a french Clearke called Cordell, with an Engliſhe Herrald called Clarenceaux, came frõ the Kings of Fraunce and Englande, with an Ambaſſador alſo from the gouernor, with a concluſiõ of peace, taken for one yeere, betwixt Scotland and Eng|land, who comming to Edenburgh, were recey|ued by the Earle of Angus and the other Lordes there with him, the whiche ſent for the Chancel|lor and the Earle of Arrane to come thither, but they wold not come any nerer, thã to Linlithgo. The Ambaſſador therefore tooke in hand to per|ſwade, that an aſſemble might be had in Striue|ling, but the Earle of Angus woulde not come there. Neuertheleſſe, the ſaid Ambaſſadors wente thither, where the Erle of Arrane and his parta|kers, as the Chanceller and others, receyued them thankfully,The peace proclaymed. and proclaymed the peace, accordyng to the treatie which they had brought, and ſo with courteous anſwer and great rewards licenced thẽ to depart.

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