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Compare 1587 edition: 1 But in their returne towarde Englande, the Earle of Angus with a greate number of menne met thẽ at Carlancrok, reproouing them ſharply for their demeanor, and for taking their anſwere of the Chancellor, ſo that they were not a little afraid, leaſt ye Erle in his diſpleaſure, would haue vſed ſome outrage towardes them, which other|wiſe than in words it ſhould appeare, he did not.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In Ianuary, about the keeping of a Courte at Iedworth,


Variance be|twixt the Erle of Angus, and the Lord of Ferni [...]rſt.

there was reiſing of people be|twixte the Earle of Angus on the one part, and the Lorde of Fernihurſt, in whoſe ayde, Iames Hamilton came with foure hundred Mers men, but the Lorde of Seſſeforde then Warden, aſſi|ſting the Erle of Angus his part, met Hamilton at Kelſo with a greate company, and when they were light a foote, and ſhoulde haue foughten, the Mers men left ſir Iames Hamilton in al ye dan|ger, with a fewe of his owne men about him, ſo that with muche payne he was horſed, and eſca|ped in greate daunger vnto Hume, with loſſe of foure of his ſeruantes which were ſlayne, and on the other parte, there was an Engliſhman ſlayne called Raufe Car, that came in aide of the War|den. On the morrowe after, the Larde of Ferni|hurſt, as Bayly to the Earle of Arrane, of that regalitie helde his Court at the principall place of the forreſt of Iedburgh, and the Earle himſelfe helde his Courte likewiſe in an other parte of the ſame lande three miles diſtant from the other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The thirtie day of Aprill, the Larde of Wed|derborne, and Maiſter William Dowglas, newly made Prior of Coldingham, with theyr partakers in greate number, came to Edenburgh to ayde the Erle of Angus, who was within the Towne agaynſte the Earle of Arrane and the Chancellor, who were alſo there. But nowe by the comming of theſe ſuccours, whiche entred by force at the neather bowe, and ſlewe the Maiſter of Mountgomery, and Sir Patrick Hamilton Knighte, the Earle of Arrane, and the Chancel|lor, were conſtreyned to forſake the Towne, and to paſſe through the North loch.

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