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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xij. of Ianuarie being a very myrke win|die night, the Earle of Lenox, and the maiſter of Elencarne vndermyned the nether groundſoyle of the Caſtell gate of Dunbrytaine,The Caſtell of Dunbrytaine taken. and en|tred thereby into the caſtel, and ſo tooke it, putting out therof the Lorde Erſkin.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shortly after, to witte the .xv. of that Mo|neth, a greate aſſemble was made betwixt the Earles of Angus and Arrane, the one to haue fought with the other, which was the cauſe & be|ginning of great trouble that enſued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 425 The Popes Bulles publi|ſhed.The ſame day in Edenburgh were the Bulles publiſhed which the Biſhop of Murrey Forman had purchaſed at Rome for the obteyning of the Archbiſhoprike of S. Androwes, the Abbacies of Dunfermeling, & Arbroeth, through ſupplicati|on of the Queene and Duke of Albany: frõ whi|che Bulles,Contention about the en| [...]ying of the ſea of Saint Androwes. the prior of Saint Androwes appea|led, pretending title to the Archbiſhops See by election and generall gift of the Lordes of the Realme. And herevpon gote togither his friends in Edenburgh, as the Maſter of Hales and o|ther. And on the other parte, the Lord Chamber|layne, and diuers of ye Biſhop of Murreys friẽds gote the kings letters, by vertue whereof, they proclaymed the ſayde Maſter of Hales, and the prior of Saint Androwes rebells, with al theyr aſſiſtants, putting them to the horne: wherevpon they were cõſtreyned to depart out of Edẽburgh. And in May following, the Prior wente vnto Rome, there to iuſtifie his appeale.

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