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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame yeare, about the .xxv. of October,The deceaſe of the Biſhop of Aberdene. William Elphingſton Biſhop of Aberdene, and Lord keeper of the priuie ſeale, departed this life at Edenbourgh. He had bene a faythfull Counſeller to Iames the fourth, by whoſe helpe he founded & endowed the Colledge in the olde towne of Aber|dene, for the encreaſe of learning & vertue, which hath floriſhed with good wittes of ſtudents there euer ſithence euen vnto theſe our dayes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xx.Monſieur de la Bawtie. day of Nouember Le ſire de la Bawtie receiued the caſtell of Dunbar in the name of the Duke of Albany, at the handes of the Deane of Glaſgew brother to the Biſhop of Murrey, cleped Forman.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo ſhortly after, the Prior of S. Androwes then elect Archbiſhop of that ſea, beſieged the Ca|ſtell [figure appears here on page 424] of Saint Androwes, and wanne it by force from the keepers of it, which were appoynted to defend it in the name of Gawin Dowglas, wher|with the Queene and the Earle of Angus were highly offended.

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