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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Queene ſent louing letters vnto the king of England hir brother, requiring him of peace, whervpõ a truce was takẽ betwixt ye two realms of Englande & Scotland for the ſpace of one yere & a day. In the beginning of Februarie, the king of England hearing that a Parliament ſhould be holden in Scotlãd for the bringing in of the duke of Albanie to be tutor,The king of England wry|teth to his ſiſter. wrote to his ſiſter that ſhe ſhoulde in any wiſe impeach & ſtay his comming thither, declaring howe daungerous it was, not only for hir, but alſo for hir ſonne to haue him go|uernor, which was to ſucceede if hir ſonne were once out of the way. But the chiefeſt cauſe that moued the king of Englande to labour that the Duke ſhould haue nothing to doe in Scotlande, was (as many thought) for that he knew how the Duke in fauour of the king of Fraunce woulde ſhewe himſelfe an enimie agaynſt Englande with all the force he might make or procure. And ſhortly after that the peace was cõcluded betwixt him and the king of Fraunce, he ſent a letter alſo, requiring him not to ſuffer the duke to paſſe into Scotland for the reaſon firſt alledged.The Duke of Albanie con|firmed tutor by Parliament. But not|withſtanding the labor that king Henrie made to the contrarie, it was concluded by the ſtates in Parliament aſſembled in Edenburgh at the time prefyxed, that ſir Patrike Hamilton, and Lio [...] king of Armes ſhoulde be ſent into Fraunce, to procure the Duke to come into Scotlande, being nowe confyrmed Tutor and Gouernour, accor|ding to the lawes of the Realme in ſuche caſes prouyded. Wherevppon in Apryll then nexte EEBO page image 424 following they tooke the Seas, and paſſed into Fraunce accordingly as by the eſtates had beene deuiſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1


A Legate from Rome.

This yeare came a Legate into Scotlande from the Pope, with certaine priuiledges granted to the king and realme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The .xxx. of Aprill was the Queene deliuered of a Prince in the Caſtell of Striueling,The Queene deliuered of hir ſecond ſon Alexander. whiche was baptiſed by the poſtulate of Dunfermling, being Archedeane of Saint Androwes, and in|ſtantly confirmed by the Biſhop of Cathnes, by the name of Alexander. During the time that the Queene lay in childbed, great diſcord fell out be|twixt the Lords of the weſt partes, and the other Lords of the realme: but ſhortly after the Queene called an aſſembly at Edenbourgh the .xij. of Iu|ly, where they were all well agreed. And herewith two of the Cleargie were ſent into Englande for peace, and the .xxviij. of the ſame moneth maiſter Iames Ogilbie Abbot of Drybourgh, and ſir Patrick Hamilton, & Lion the Herald came forth of France with Articles in writing from the king there, and the Duke of Albanie, by the which the Dukes comming was excuſed, bycauſe the king could not want him, till ſome ende were had tou|ching the warres betwixt him and the King of England, which was concluded in October next enſuing.

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