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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king of Englande who had alreadie ſent ayde vnto the Ladie Regent of the lowe Coun|treys agaynſt the Duke of Gelderlande, made ſuch fayre anſwere herevnto as he thought ſtoode wyth reaſon, and ſo diſpatched the Ambaſſadour backe againe to his maiſter without any more a doe in that matter, aboute the which he came for that tyme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The kings ba|ſtard maried.Iohn Lorde Gordon, ſonne and heyre to A|lexander Go [...]don Earle of Huntley, returned out of Fraunce, and was maried vnto the Kings ba|ſtarde daughter in Nouember following in thys preſent yeare .1512. of whom the houſe of Hunt|ley is deſcended.1512

Compare 1587 edition: 1 A Sinode kept at Edenburgh.There was aboute the ſame time a Synode holden in the blacke Friers of Edenbourgh, by the whole Cleargie of the Realme, as Biſhops, Ab|bots, Priors and other Prelates, where there was a Legate of the Popes, who cauſed all the chur|ches that were aboue .xl. pound to be taxed. This was called Bagimunts taſke,Benefices were taxed. whereby the Pope and the king might knowe the value of the bene|fices, and to haue taxes of the ſame accordingly, as the Pope for his annates and Bulles, and the king when he ſtoode in neede. This was conſen|ted and agreed vnto by the Cleargie.

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