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Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Iames was ſore offended with thys matter, and therevpon ſent an Heralde with let|ters, requyring redreſſe for the ſlaughter of hys people, and reſtitution of his ſhips, ſith otherwiſe it might ſeeme to giue occaſion of breach of the peace. But the king of England denyed that the ſlaughter of a Pirate (as he tooke Androw Bar|ton to be) ought to breake any bonde of peace, yet neuertheleſſe he promiſed to ſend Commiſſioners to the borders that ſhould entreate of that matter, and other enormities chaunced betwene the two realmes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king of France requy|red ayd againſt England.The French King, and the Duke of Gelder|lande perceyuing that the king of Englande was mynded through procurement of the Pope and others, to make them warres, eyther of them ſent Ambaſſadors into Scotlande vnto king Iames, requyring his aſſyſtance agaynſt England: but king Iames mynding to mainteyne peace and concorde betwixt the parties,King Iames perſwadeth to peace. ſent an Ambaſſa|dor vnto the king of Englande, deſiring him in brotherly and moſte louing wife to liue in peace and quietneſſe, and not to make anye warres a|gaynſt his confederate friendes, offring himſelfe to take in hande to agree and compound any dif|ference that was fallen betwixt the king of Eng|lande and the ſayde Princes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king of Englande who had alreadie ſent ayde vnto the Ladie Regent of the lowe Coun|treys agaynſt the Duke of Gelderlande, made ſuch fayre anſwere herevnto as he thought ſtoode wyth reaſon, and ſo diſpatched the Ambaſſadour backe againe to his maiſter without any more a doe in that matter, aboute the which he came for that tyme.

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