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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The next yeare in the beginning of May,1511 the Queene went from Dunfermling toward ſaint Duthois in Roſſe, and was all the way right ho|nourably vſed and entertayned.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the .x. of Iuly, ſhe returned to Eden|bourgh, where ſhe founde the Lorde Dacres,An ambaſſage from the king of England. and ſir Robert Drurie knight come thither as Am|baſſadors from the king of Englande hir brother, who were honourably receyued.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 In the yeare next enſuing, in Iune,1512 Androw Barton being on the Seas to meete with Por|tingals (agaynſt whom he had a letter of marke) Sir Edmond Haward Lord Admirall of Eng|lande, and the Lorde Thomas Hawarde, ſonne and heyre vnto the Erle of Surrey, were appoin|ted by the king of Englande to go likewiſe to ſea with certaine ſhippes, and meeting with the ſayd Androw as he returned homewardes neare to the Downes, hauing with him onely one ſhippe, and one Bat [...]. The Engliſh men at the firſt made ſigne vnto the Scots as though they mẽt none e|uil, ſaue only to ſalute thẽ as friends, but getting within them, they ſet vpon thẽ right fiercely, & the Scots for a while did as valiantly defend thẽſel|ues, ſo yt many were ſlain on both ſides:Two ſhippes taken by the Engliſh men. but in the end the Engliſhmen got the vpper hand, woũded Androw Barton chief captaine of the Scots yt he EEBO page image 416 dyed of the hurtes which he there receyued, and his ſhip called the Vnicorne, and the barke called Ienny Pyrnine, were both taken, with all the Scottiſh men that remayned aliue in the ſame, which were had to Londõ, & ſtayed as priſoners in the Biſhop of Yorke his houſe for a time, and after ſent home into Scotland.

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