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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Laird of Faſtcaſtel went into Turkie.The Laird of Faſtcaſtell came ouer with him, who had trauailed through a great part of Chri|ſtendome: and morouer paſſing into Turkey; came to the Emperour of Turkey at the Citie of Caire, who retayned him in ſeruice, and gaue him good entertaynment, ſo that hee remayned with him, tyll he heard that the lyuing of Faſt|caſtell [...]i [...]s fallen to him by lawfull ſucceſſion, notwithſtanding that when he departed oute of Scotland, there were .viij. ſeuerall perſons before him to ſucceede one after another, which in the meane time were all deceaſſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Prince Arthur deceaſſed.The .xiiij. of Iuly, Arthur Prince of Scot|lande and the Iles, departed this life in the Caſtel of Edenbourgh.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Two Scorpions were found,Two Scorpi|ons founde in Scotland. the one quicke and the other dead, in the Orchard of the Caſtell of Cragmyller, which thing was reputed for a marueylous great wonder, [...] ſhoulde bee ſeene within the Ile of Brytaine.

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