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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the Moneth of September,Stoupe gallãt A ſickneſſe. [...] vniuerſall ſickneſſe raigned through all Scotlande, whereof many died. It was very contageous, and they called it Stoupe gallant.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 There came alſo a paſſing fayre woman into Scotlande about the ſame [...]me, naming hirſelfe Katheryn Gordon, wife to Perkin Warh [...]rke, that had named himſelfe Duke of Yorke, but at length beeing brought to the king, ſhe confeſſed what ſhe was, and ſo auoyded the realme.Katherin Gordon. In which meane while, the Lady Katherin Gordon hirſelfe remayned in England, and had right good maintenance, ſo that ſhe liued there very well and honourably many yeares after.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Furthermore,The Trumbils with other are taken by the king. the king vpon the .viij. of No|uember comming from Edenbourgh to the wa|ter of Rule, tooke diuerſe miſgouerned perſons, & brought them to Iedworth, where the principals of the Trumbils, with naked ſwordes in theyr handes, and wythes about theyr neckes met with him, putting thẽſelues in the kings mercy, which were ſent to ſundry places to bee kept in warde, with diuerſe other of thoſe countreymen, whereby the marches were more quiet afterwardes: and from thence the king paſſed to S. Iohns towne, where iuſtice was holden the reſidue of ye winter.

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