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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 For the King of Scottes there appeared Co|lin Earle of Argile, the Lorde Cambell, and the Lord Chancellor of Scotlãd, William Biſhop of Abirdene, Robert Lord Lyle, Laurence Lord Oliphant, Iohn Drummound of Stubhall, Ar|chybald EEBO page image 405 Duytelaw Archdeacon of Lawden, and Secretary to king Iames, Lyon king of armes, and Duncan Dundas. For king Richard, there came Richard Biſhop of S. Aſſaph, Iohn Duke of Norfolke, Henry Erle of Northumberlande, Thomas Lord Stanley, George Stanley Lord Straunge, Iohn Gray Lord Powes, Richarde Lord Fitzhugh, Iohn Gunthorpe, keeper of the Kings priuie ſeale, Thomas Barrow maſter of the Rolles, ſir Thomas Bryan chiefe iuſtice of ye common place, Sir Richarde Ratclife Knighte, William Cateſby, & Richard Salkeld Eſquires. Theſe counſellers in the latter end of September after ſundry meetings and communications had togither, concluded (as followeth) a peace to bee had betwixt both the Realmes for ye ſpace of three yeres, [...] [...]ea [...]e con| [...]d for [...]re yeeres. the ſame to begin at the riſing of the ſunne on the .29. of September in the yeere .1484. and to continue vnto the ſetting of the ſunne on the .29. of September, in the yeere .1487. during whyche tearme, it was agreed, that not onely all hoſtilitie and warre ſhuld ceaſſe betwixt ye two Realmes, but that alſo al ayde and abaitement of enimies ſhould be auoided, and by no colorable meanes or way in any caſe vſed. The towne and Caſtell of Barwike to remayne in the Engliſhmens hãds, for the ſpace of the ſayde tearme, with the ſame boundes as the Engliſhmen poſſeſſed it at that ſeaſon, when it was deliuered to the Scottiſhmẽ by king Henry the ſixt. It was likewiſe condiſ|cended, that all other Caſtels, holdes, and fortreſ|ſes during the tearme of the ſayde three yeeres, ſhould abide in the hands of thoſe that held them at that preſent, the Caſtell of Dũbar only excep|ted.

The Caſtell of Dunbar in the Engliſh|mens hands.

[...]n article for the Caſtell of Dunbar.

This Caſtell of Dunbar was deliuered vnto the Engliſhmen by the Duke of Albany, when he fled into France, and ſo remained in their hãds at that time of concluding this truce. Herevppon (by reaſon the Scottiſh commiſſioners had not authoritie to conclude any ful agreement for that Caſtell, vnleſſe the ſame might be reſtored vnto ye king their maſters hands) it was accorded, that if the king of Scots within the ſpace of .40. dayes next enſewing, did intimate his reſolute refuſall to be agreeable, that the ſayd Caſtell ſhoulde re|mayne in the Engliſhmens hands aboue ye ſpace of ſixe moneths, that then during that tearme of ſixe moneths, thoſe that kepte the Caſtell for the Engliſhmen ſhould remayne in quiet, and not be troubled nor moleſted by any kind of meanes by the ſayde King of Scottes, or any other by hys procurement, ſo that they within ye Caſtell like|wiſe abſteyned from making any iſſues or reiſſes vpon the Scottiſhe people. And if after that the ſayd tearme of ſixe moneths were once expired, it ſhould chance, that any warre aroſe for defending or recouering the ſayd Caſtell, yet the truce ſhuld endure for all other rightes and poſſeſſions, not|withſtãding that it might be lawfull to do what lay in any of their powers, eyther for winning, or defending the foreſaid Caſtel, as though no truce had bene concluded. It was further agreed,An article for Traytors. that no traytor of eyther Realme ſhoulde be receyued by ye Prince of ye other Realm, and if any traytor or Rebell chanced to arriue in eyther Realme, the Prince thereof to deliuer him vpõ demaũd made.An article for Scottiſhmen already being in England. Scottes already abiding in England & ſworne to the king there, may remain ſtil, ſo their names be certified to ye Scottiſh King, within .40. days.An article for the Wardens of the marches If any Warden of eyther Realm ſhuld inuade ye others ſubiects, he to whome ſuch Wardẽ is ſub|iect, ſhal within ſixe days proclaime him traytor, & certifie the other Prince thereof within .2. days.

A clauſe to be put in ſafecon|ducts.

An article for ſuch as ſhould ſerue eyther Princes in warre.

And in euery ſafeconduct this clauſe ſhoulde be conteyned. Prouided alwayes that the [...] nor of this ſafeconduct be no traytor. If any of the ſubiects of eyther Prince do preſume to aide [...] mainteyne, or ſerue any other Prince againſt a|ny of the contractors of this truce, then it ſhall be lawfull to him, to whome hee ſhewed himſelfe e|nimie, to apprehende and attach the ſayd ſubiect, going, comming, or tarying within any of hys dominions.Colleagues compriſed in the truce. Colleagues compriſed in this truce (if they woulde aſſente thereto) on the Engliſhe part were theſe, the king of Caſtell and Leon, the king of Arragone, ye king of Portingale, ye Arch|duke of Auſtrich and Burgoine and the Duke of Britaine. On the Scottiſhe parte, Charles the French king, Iohn King of Denmarke & Nor|way, the Duke of Gelderlãd & the Duke of Bri|tayne.Lorne and Lunday ex|cepted. The Lordſhip of Lorne in the Realme of Scotland, and the Iland of Lunday lying in the riuer of Seuerne, in the Realme of Englande, were not comprehended in this agreement. This concord, peace, and amitie thus concluded, was appoynted to be publiſhed ye firſt day of October, in the moſt notable cities and townes of both the Realmes. For ye ſure obſeruation, keeping & per|formance of this truce and league, there were ap|pointed for conſeruators on ye Scottiſh ſide Da|uid Earle of Crawford & Lord Lindſey, George Erle of Huntley Lord Gordon and Badzenath, Iohn Lord Darnlye, Iohn Lord Kenedy, Ro|bert Lord L [...]e, Patrick Lord Haleene, Laurence Lord Oliphant, William Lorde Borthwike, ſir Iohn Roſſe of Hal [...]her [...], ſir Gilbert Iohnſon of Elphy [...]ſton, ſir Iohn Lundy, ſir Iohn Og [...]y of Arly, ſir Robert Hamilton of F [...]galton, Sir Willã Balȝe of Lamington, ſir Iohn Kenedy of Blarqbone, ſir Iohn Wen [...]es, ſir W. Rochwen, Edward Stochton of Kirke paty, Iohn D [...]as, Iohn Roſſe of Mountgrenan Eſquires.

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