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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 4 Alſo they layde to his charge, yt he had put hys brother the Earle of Mar vnto death, & baniſhed his other brother the Duke of Albany, & therefore they could not ſuffer him and the whole Realme to be longer miſledde by ſuche naughty perſons. And herevpõ they tooke Thomas Cochram Erle of Mar, William Roger,Cochram Erle of Mar and other hanged. and Iames Hommill Tayllor, who with others being conuict, were hanged ouer the Bridge at Lowder. Only Iohn Ramſey a yong man of eyghteene yeeres of age, for whome the king made great inſtaunce, was pardoned of life. This done, they returned to E|denburgh, and appoynted the king himſelfe to bee kept in the Caſtel by the Erle of Athole,The king kept vnder arreſt. and in ye meane time, the ſecond of Auguſt, they ſente An|drow Steward elect Biſhop of Murray, & Iohn Lord Darneley, to the Engliſh army lying then at Tuyder, to take truce for three moneths: but ye Dukes of Glowceſter and Albany came forward vnto Reſtalrig, where they encamped withoute any reſiſtance. The Engliſh nauie lying alſo in the Forth, was readie to aſſiſt their fellowes by land. Herevpon certaine noble men of Scotland, EEBO page image 404 as the Archbiſhop of Saint Androwes, the Bi|ſhop of Dunkeld, Colin Erle of Argyle, and An|drow Steward Lord Auendale great Chancel|lor of Scotland, wente to the Engliſh camp, and treating with the two Dukes,The Duke of Albany is re|conciled. agreed vpon cer|tayne articles, whereby the Duke of Albany was receyued into his countrey againe in peaceable wiſe, and had giuen to him the Caſtell of Dun|bar with the Erledomes of March and Mar. He was proclaymed alſo generall Lieutenant to the King: And ſo the Engliſhmen returned home|wards, and came to Berwike where they hauyng wonne the towne as they paſſed that wayes into Scotlãd, had left the Lord Stanley and ſir Iohn Eldrington with foure thouſand men, to keepe a ſiege before the Caſtell, and nowe they enforced the ſame: but the Lorde of Halis then Captayne within that Caſtell, defended it right manfully, ſending to the Duke of Albany and other the Lords of the counſell,The Caſtell of Barwike is taken. for reliefe to reiſe the ſiege. The Duke in deede reyſed an army, and came to Lamer More, but when they within perceyued that through diſſention betwixte the King and the nobles of the Realme, they were not like to be reſkewed, they yeelded the Caſtell into the Eng|liſhmens handes the .24. of Auguſt in that yeere 1482.


The king a priſoner.

after it had remayned nowe at this time in the Scottiſhmens handes the ſpace of .21. yeeres. The king remayning as priſoner in Edenburgh Caſtell, all things were ordered by the Duke of Albany, Androwe Stewarde Lord of Auendale Chancellor, & others, till the ſayd Duke, ye Arch|biſhop of Sainte Androwes, the Chancellor, the Erle of Argile & diuers others wẽt vnto Striue|ling to viſit the Queene and Prince, where the Duke was perſwaded by the Queene withoute knowledge thereof giuen to the other, to goe vnto Edenburgh,The king is ſet at libertie. and to reſtore the king vnto libertie. The Duke accordingly to the Queenes pleaſure comming to Edenburgh, beſeeged the Caſtell & wanne it, remoued the Earle of Athole, and ſet ye king and all his ſeruants at libertie, for the which good turne, the king ſhewed great tokens of loue to his brother the Duke, although it laſted not long. The Earle of Argile, the Biſhop of Sainte Androwes, the Chancellor and others which re|mayned at Striueling, when they hearde thoſe newes, fled into their owne countreys: and ſhort|ly after, the Biſhop of Sainte Androwes at re|queſt of the king,The Archbi|ſhop reſig|net [...]. reſigned his Biſhoprike in fauor of maſter Androw Steward prouoſt of Glene|lowden, and was content in recompence thereof, with the Biſhoprike of Murray. [...]8 [...] This yeere there was great theft, reiſe, & ſlaughter in diuers partes of the Realme, by occaſion of the variance be| [...] [...] and his nobles. [...] The Duke of Al| [...] [...] vnderſtood there was poiſon gi| [...] [...] drinke in the kings chamber, and therefore ſtoode in feare of his life, fledde from the Court vnto the Caſtell of Dunbar, whereby en|ſewed great diſcord. The king fearing the diſple|ſure of his nobles, gote him alſo into ye Caſtel of Edenburgh. The Erles of Angus, Bach [...]uhan,The king is forſaken. and others left the king, and aſſiſted the Duke of Albany. And the king through counſell of certain meane perſons whome he had againe taken vnto him, ſummoned the Duke and others his aſſi|ſtantes to come to anſwer for ſuch treaſon as hee had to lay againſt them,Lords are ſum|moned. and withall prepared an army to beſeege Dunbar, whereof the Duke be|ing aduertiſed fled into Englande, & afterwardes being accompanyed with the Earle of Dowglas and a great nũber of Engliſhmen inuaded Scot|land vpon the weſt marches,Scotland in|uaded. where many Eng|liſhmen were ſlaine and taken by the reſiſtaunce of the Lards Cokpule, Iohnſton and others, the Duke was put to flight, and the Erle Dowglas taken and brought to the king, who bycauſe hee was an aged man and had bin long baniſhed his countrey, was ſente to the Abbey of Lundoris,Erle Dowglas ſent vnto an Abbey. where hee remayned the reſt of his dayes, and at length, departing this life, was buried there. The Duke of Albany for the loſſe of that army, was blamed of the king of England,The Duke of Albany is blamed. and therevpõ ta|king a miſliking, ſecretely departed ouer into France by the help of Iohn Liddell, ſonne to Sir Iames Liddell knighte, who afterwards loſt his life for the ſame. The Duke was well entertey|ned in France by the King there: and finally rũ|ning at tilt with Lewes Duke of Orleance, was hurt with the ſplint of a Speare and thereof died. He lefte behinde him two ſonnes, Iohn Duke of Albany, that was after gouernor and tutor to king Iames the fift, & Alexander that was after Biſhop of Murrey and Abbot of Scone. Thys yere the Lords Hume, Torreklis, Oliphant, and Drummond, were made Lordes of the Parlia|ment. In the yeere .1484.


The Archbi|ſhop is ſent to Rome.

the king ſent the Arch|biſhop of Saint Androwes vnto Rome for cer|tayne priuileges which he obteyned. And ye ſame yeere, Pope Innocente the eighte of that name,The Pope ſent to entreate fo [...] peace. ſent the Biſhop of Imola to treate of peace be|twixt Richarde King of Englande and Iames king of Scotlãd. Iames king of Scottes hauing not long before made diuers incurſions & roades into England, and that to his profite, hee ſewed therevpon for a truce, which came to paſſe euen as king Richarde wiſhed, ſo that condiſcending to haue a communication,Commiſsio|ners appoyn|ted on the behalfe of the king of Eng|land and Scot|lande to treat [...] for a peace at Notingham. commiſſioners were appoynted for both partes to meete at Notyng|ham ye ſeuenth day of September nexte enſuing.

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