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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 [figure appears here on page 397] AFter the Deathe of Iames the ſe|cond, his ſonne Iames ye third a childe of ſea|uen yeeres of age ſucceeded him, & foorth|with was ſent for to the ſeege of Roxburgh, whither he was conueyed by the Queene,The ſtout ſto|macke of the Queene. a wo|man of a ſtout ſtomacke, repreſenting the man|like race of hir countrey Gelderland, of the which ſhe was diſcended. For comming with hir ſonne thus to the ſeege, ſhe ſpent not time in lamenting and womaniſh bewayling the irrecouerable loſſe of hir huſbãd, but rather in comforting ye Lords, whoſe parte had bin to haue comforted hir: and aboue al things ſhe exhorted thẽ with al diligence to imploy their whole indeuours and forces to ye winning of that Caſtel.Roxburgh Caſtell taken and broken downe. Whoſe words ſo encou|raged the Captaynes and whole army, that the ſeege was continued till the Caſtell was wonne, [figure appears here on page 397] raced, and beaten downe flat to the grounde: and the yong King was Crowned at Kelſo, with the vniuerſall conſente and great reioycing of all the noble men, and other being there preſente in the army.Warke beſee|ged and won. This done, they beſeeged the Caſtell of Warke, whiche likewiſe they tooke, and threwe downe, and afterwardes the King with the no|bles of his Realme, came to Edynburgh, to take EEBO page image 398 order for the quiet gouernemente of the Realme, and bycauſe the King was yong, [...]iuen gouer| [...]ours choſen. there were cho|ſen ſeauen regentes to gouerne both King and Realm, as theſe, the Queene his mother, Iames Kenedie Biſhop of Saint Androwes, that was ſiſters ſonne to Iames ye firſt, the Biſhop of Gla|ſgow, the Earles of Angus, Huntley, Argile and Orkney. Theſe ſo long as Iames Kenedy liued, agreed well togither about the gouernemente of the Realme, but within a while after his deceſſe, they fell at ſquare, or rather before as appeareth by Hector Boetius, who ſayeth, that in the ſecond yeere of this Kings raigne, there was diſ|corde in brewing, betwixte the Queene and the Archbiſhop Kenedie, who perceyuing that the woman ſought to vſurp wholly the gouernemẽt vnto hir ſelfe, withſtoode hir in that behalfe, in ſo much that it was doubted leaſt the matter would haue broken foorth into ſome ciuill warre, if the Biſhops of Glaſgow, Dunkelde, and Abirden, & certayne Abbots had not taken in hand to trauell betwixt the parties for an atonement, who dyd ſo much in the matter, that they compounded the variance in this wiſe. The Queene mother was appoynted to haue the charge of the Kings perſon, and of his breethren, Alexander Duke of Albany, and Iohn Earle of Mar, and likewiſe of his two ſiſters, but as for the adminiſtration and gouernance of the Realme, ſhe ſhoulde leaue it vnto the peeres. There were therefore elected by common conſente as rulers, the Biſhops of Glaſgow and Dunkeld, the Earle of Orkney, the Lorde Graham, Thomas Boyd, and the Chancellor. About the ſame tyme, one Alane Kei [...], in hope to get the heritage of his brother Iohn Laerd of Lorne tooke him, and kept him in priſon. But Colen Cambell Earle of Argile, ta|king great indignation with ſo preſumptuous a parte, gathered a power, and comming agaynſte Keir, tooke him, and ſet his brother at libertie, and brought the offendour vnto Edinburgh, where he dyed in priſon.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Donald of the Iles eftſoones rebelleth.Moreouer, ſhortly after Donald Lord of the Iles and Earle of Roſſe, who had ſerued obedi|ently in the army at Roxburgh and was (as out|wardly appeared) well reconciled, began of newe to vſe his olde manners, ſpoyling and harrying the whole countrey of Athole, and tooke the Earle thereof, and the counteſſe his wife captiues with him into the Iles. To repreſſe his iniurious at|temptes: the Regents were preparing an army, but therewith came true aduertiſements, that the ſayd Lord of the Iles, and other the principall of|fendors of his company, were ſtriken through the hand of God with a certayne frenſie or madneſſe,Donald be|came m [...]dde. and had loſt all their ſhippes and ſpoyles in the ſea, ſo that ye Earle of Athole and his Lady were reſtored, and thoſe frentike perſons were brought vnto Saint Brides Ki [...]ke in Athole, [...] Hector Boet [...]|us continued the Sco [...]iſhed hiſtorie. He was kille [...] for the re|couery of their health, but it woulde not be. Do|nalde himſelfe was afterward ſlayne in the Ca|ſtell of Inuernes by an Iriſhman that was a minſtrell.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeere .1461.


Henry King of England [...] ſafecunduct [...] in|to Scotlande.

Henry the ſixte King of Englande, beeing vanquiſhed by hys aduerſarie Edwarde the fourth, purchaſed of King Iames the thirde a ſafecunduct for him ſelfe and a thou|ſande Horſe to enter into Scotlande, and herevp|pon hee came to Edynburgh, and was lodged in the houſe of the Friers Preachours, with hys wife Queene Margaret, and hys ſonne Prince Edwarde.

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