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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Some ſtraunge ſightes there appeared before the death of this King Iames the ſecond, for the day before he was ſlayne, [...]. a blaſing Starre was playnely ſeene, which ſignified as was thought, the death of the ſayd King.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the yeere before the ſeege, there was in Dundee an Hermophrodite, that is, a perſon with both ſhapes,An Hermo|phrodite, that is a perſon [...] both [...] and wo| [...]. but eſteemed for a woman onely, till it was proued, that lying with hir maſters daughter nightly where ſhe dwelt, ſhe had gote ye yong Damoſell with childe, for the whiche acte, bycauſe ſhe had counterfeted hir ſelfe a woman, and yet had wrought the part of a man, ſhe was condemned to be buried quicke, and ſuffered ac|cording to that iudgement.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the ſame time, there was a certayne theefe, [...]ted [...] that v|ſed [...] kill [...] perſons a [...] to eate them. that with his familie, liued apart from the company of men, remayning ſecretely within a denne in Angus called Feniſden, who vſed to kill yong perſons, and to feede on their fleſh, for the whiche abhominable offence, being apprehended with his wife & all his familie, they were burnt to death, one of his daughters that was vnneth .12. monethes of age, only excepted, the which being preſerued and brought vp in Dundee, before ſhee came to the age of twelue yeeres, [...] daughter [...]eth to the [...] practiſe. ſhee was taken in the like crime for the whiche hir father dyed, wherevpon ſhee was iudged to be buried quicke: and going to execution, when the people in great multitude followed hir, in wondering at ſo hor|rible an offence committed by one of hir age and ſexe, ſhee turned to them that thus deteſted hir wicked doing,Hir words go|ing to execu|tion. and with a countenance repreſen|ting hir cruell inclination, ſayde to them: what neede you thus to rayle vpon me, as if I had done an heynous acte contrary to the nature of man? I tell you, that if you knew how pleaſant mans fleſhe is in taſt, there would none of you all for|beare to eate it. And thus with an impenitente and ſtubborne minde, ſhe ſuffered the appoynted execution.

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