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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Iames at his comming to mans ſtate proued a ſtoute Prince,The daughter of the Duke of Gelderlãd ma|ried to Iames the ſeconde. and maried the daughter of the Duke of Gelderlande as after ſhall appeare.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the beginning he had ſome trouble and bu|ſineſſe, by reaſon of the great authoritie and rule which the high Barons of the Realme ſought to beare and maintaine, as the Dowglaſſes and o|ther, but in the ende he ſubdued them all.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shortly after his coronation, bycauſe he was not of himſelfe able to gouerne by reaſon of his tender age,Sir Alexander Leuingſton gouernour. Sir William Creichton L. Chancellor. the nobles and eſtates of the Realme choſe ſir Alexander Leuingſton of Calender knight, gouernor of the king and realme, and ſir William Creichton knight, was confyrmed in his office to enioy the ſame as before he had done, the king being committed to his keeping, togy|ther with the Caſtell of Edenbourgh. Archebald Erle of Dowglas remayned in his countreys of Dowglas & Annardale,Diſobedience in the Dow|glas. and would neither obey-gouernor nor Chancellor, whereby great trouble was rayſed within the realme. Within a ſhort time alſo the gouernor and chancelor were deui|ded. The gouernor with the Queene remayned at Striueling: but the Chancelor had the K. ſtill with him in the Caſtel of Edenburgh, & what the one cõmaũded to be done, the other forbad: wher|by neither of them was obeyed, nor any executiõ of iuſtice put in practiſe, ſo that through all the countrey, reif, ſpoyles, and oppreſſion were exer|ciſed without feare of puniſhment.1437 The Queene perceyuing ſuch miſchiefe to raigne throughout all parties of the realme, deuiſed a meane to ad|uance the gouernors ſide, and herevpon with a ſmall companie repayred to Edenbourgh,A policye wrought by the Queene. where ſhe to bring her purpoſe to paſſe, did ſo muche by great diſſimulation, that ſhe perſwaded the Chã|cellor to ſuffer hir to enter the Caſtell, and to re|maine with the king: but within three dayes af|ter ſhe feyned one morning to go on pilgrymage vnto the white Kirke, and cauſed the king hir ſon to be handſomly couched in a Trounke, as if he had beene ſome fa [...]dell of hir apparell, and ſo pac|ked vp, ſent him by one of hir truſtie ſeruauntes layde vpon a Sumpter horſe vnto Lieth,The king was conueyed vnto Striueling. from whence he was conueyed by boat vnto Striue|ling, where of the gouernor he was ioyfully re|ceyued, commending the Queene highly for hir politike working, in deceyuing ſo wiſe a man as the Chauncelor was. Then rayſed hee a great power of his friendes and well willers, and beſie|ged the Chauncellor in the Caſtell of Eden|bourgh.

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