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Compare 1587 edition: 1 A ſworde was ſeene glyding vp and downe in the ayre,A ſword ſeene in the ayre. to the no leſſe dreade than wonder of the people.

[figure appears here on page 385]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 [figure appears here on page 385] Iames ye firſt made away through the traiterous practiſe of the Erle of Athole,Iames. 1436 (as be|fore is ſpecified) hys el|eldeſt ſon Iames the ſe|cond of that name being as then but ſixe yeares of age ſucceeded to the crowne, as lawful heyre to the ſame, and by his mother and the Nobilitie of the Realme, was brought to Scone, where by the vniuerſall con|ſente of the three eſtates he was corwned king of Scotlande, being the .102. King of that realme from Ferguſe the firſt. He was ſurnamed Ia|mes with the fierie face, by reaſon of a brode red EEBO page image 386 ſpot which he had in one of his checkes.

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