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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shortly herevpon king Iames rayſed a migh|tie armie, and beſieged the Caſtel of Roxbourgh,Roxbourgh beſieged. [figure appears here on page 383] but when he had almoſte brought his purpoſe ſo neare to paſſe, that thoſe within began to fall to communication for the rendring of the place, the Queene came to the campe in great haſt vnto him, ſignifying that there was a conſpiracie be|gon againſt him, ſo that if he tooke not the better heed, he was in great danger to fal into the hands of thoſe that ſought his life.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 384The king doubting the matter, raiſed hys ſiege and returned home to prouide the better for his owne ſuretie:

The king in|formed of a conſpiracie made againſt him, rayſeth [...] ſiege.

The Earle of Athol head of the cõſpiracy.

but that preuayled little, for Wal|ter Stewarde Earle of Athole, and heade of the whole conſpiracie, pretending euer a right to the Crowne, by reaſon that hee was procreate by king Robert the ſeconde on his firſt wife, procu|red his nephew Robert Stewarde, and his cou|ſin Robert Graham, to ſlea the King by one meane or other, which finally they accompliſhed in this wiſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Robert Gra|ham.This Robert Graham for diuerſe wicked acts before committed, contrarie to the lawes and or|dinances of the Realme, was driuen to an out|lawrie, ſo that if he were taken, he looked for no|thing but preſent death, and therefore hated the king moſt deadly: and though by the Queenes diligence both his and other of the conſpirators purpoſes were now diſappointed, hauing contri|ued to diſpatch the king at ye ſiege of Roxbourgh, yet forſomuch as their names were not knowne, they hoped ſtill to finde occaſion to atchieue their deteſtable intention, ſith they were no more miſ|truſted than the others.

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