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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Robert Ste|ward and Ro|bert Graham murtherers of the king.Herevpon the ſayde Stewarde and Graham came one Euening to the blacke Friers of Perth where the king as then was lodged, and by ly|cence of the Porters comming into the houſe, entred vp into the Gallerie before the kings chã|ber doore, mynding to haue ſtayed there till one of the kings ſeruants that was priuie to their di|ueliſh purpoſe ſhould come, by whoſe helpe they were promiſed to haue entrie into the Chamber. But before the comming of this Iudaſlike tray|tor, an other of the kings ſeruants named Wal|ter Strayton came forth of the chamber doore to haue fetched wine for the king:Walter Stray|ton is ſlaine. but being aduiſed of theſe two traytors ſtanding there at the doore, either of them hauing a long ſworde gyrded to him, he ſtept backe, and cried treaſon: but ere hee could get within the doore to haue made it faſt, they leapt vnto him, and ſlue him there outright.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Whileſt this was a doing,Katherin Dowglas. not without great noyſe and rumbling, a yong virgin named Ka|therin Dowglas (that was after maried to Alex|ander Louel of Bolunny) got to the doore, & ſhut it: but bycauſe the barre was away that ſhoulde haue made it faſt, ſhe thruſt hir arme in the place where the barre ſhoulde haue paſſed, ſhe was but yong and hir bones not ſtrong, but rather tender as a gryſtle, and therefore hir arme was ſoone craſht in ſunder, and the doore broken vp by force. Herewyth entring the Chamber,The murthe|rers enter the kings cham|ber, and ſlea the king. they ſlue ſuch of the ſeruaunts as made defence, and then the King himſelfe with many cruell and deadly woundes.

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