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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the meane time,Henry Percie inuadeth Scot|lande. whileſt ſuch things were a doing, Henry Percy of Northumberland inua|ded Scotland with foure thouſande men, not be|ing knowne whether he had commiſſion ſo to do from the king of Englande, or that he made that enterpriſe of himſelfe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 William Dowglas Erle of Angus to reſiſt this inuaſion, gathered a power of choſen men, amongſt whom were Adam Hepborne of Hales, Alexander Ramſey of Dalehouſy, and Alexan|der Elphingſton, with other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Erle of Angus being thus aſſociat,

The battayle of Pyperdene [...]ought be|twixt Henrie Percie and the Earle of An|gus.

The Scots get the victorie.

met the Percie at Pyperdene, where a ſore battaile was foughten betwixt them, with great ſlaugh|ter on both ſides, but at length the victorie fell to the Scottes, though there were ſlaine togyther with Alexander Elphynſton two hundred Gen|tlemen and commons of Scotlande: and of the Engliſh part, there dyed Henrie of Clyddeſdale,The number of Engliſh mẽ ſlaine. Iohn Ogyll, and Richarde Percie, with .xv.C. other of Gentlemen and commons, of the which Gentlemen .xl. were knightes.

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