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Compare 1587 edition: 1 If it might therfore pleaſe the kings highneſſe to ſhewe his accuſtomed wiſedome and proui|dence in repreſſing this abuſe of coſtly fare, ſo much damageable to his people, he ſhoulde do the thing that was meritorious before God, and no leſſe profitable & neceſſary for the publike weale of all his ſubiects.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 By theſe and many other the like perſwaſions, Biſhop Wardlaw vſed to diſſwade the king and his people from all ſuperfluous courſes of delicate diſhes and ſurfetting bankets.Order taken for ſuppreſsing of coſtly Fare. Inſomuch that euen then there was order taken, that fewer dy|ſhes and more ſpare dyet ſhould be vſed through the Realme,Vſe of baked meates in Scot|land when it began. licencing Gentlemen only and that on feſtiuall dayes, to be ſerued with Pies, the vſe of them not being knowne in Scotland tyll that ſeaſon.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Neuertheleſſe,The greedie appetite of gluttons neuer ſatisfied. ſuch intemperancie is riſen in proceſſe of time following, that the greedie appe|tite of gluttons in this age may be ſatiſfied with no competent feeding, till their bellies be ſo ſtuf|fed with immoderate gurmandice, that they may vneth fetch breath, through which their noyſome ſurfetting, they fall dayly into ſundrie ſtraunge and lothſome kindes of diſeaſes, being oftentimes killed by the ſame in their flouriſhing youth, as by dayly experience plainly appeareth.

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