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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Then hauing a companie about him of ſuch as he had made priuie to his enterpryce, he cau|ſed himſelfe to be proclaymed king,Makbeth vſur|peth the crowne. and foorth|with went vnto Scone, where by common con|ſent, he receyued the inueſture of the kingdome according to the accuſtomed maner.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The bodie of Duncane was firſte conueyed vnto Elgyne, and there buried in kingly wiſe, but afterwardes it was remoued and conueyed vnto Colmekill,

Duncanes bu|riall.

1046. H.B.

and there layd in a ſepulture a|mongſt his predeceſſours in the yeare after the birth of our Sauiour .1040.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolme Cammore and Donald Bane the ſonnes of king Duncane,Malcolme Cammore, and Donald Bane, flee into Cum|berland. for feare of theyr liues (whiche they might well know yt Makbeth would ſeeke to bring to end for his more ſure cõ|firmatiõ in the aſtate) fled into Cũberlãd, where Malcolme remained til time that S. Edward ye ſonne of king Etheldred recouered the dominion of England from the Daniſh power, the whiche EEBO page image 245 Edward receyued Malcolme by way of moſte freendly entertaynement,Malcolme Cã|more receiued by Edward king of En|gland. but Donald paſſed o|uer into Ireland, where he was tenderly cheri|ſhed by the king of that lande.

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