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Compare 1587 edition: 1 To reſiſt theſe enimies, whiche were already landed,The Danes vanquiſhed by Makbeth and Banquho. and buſie in ſpoiling the countrey, Mak|beth and Banquho were ſente with the kings authoritie, who hauing with them a conuenient power, encountred the enimies, ſlewe parte of them, and chaſed the other to their ſhippes. They that eſcaped and got once to theyr ſhippes, ob|tayned of Makbeth for a great ſumme of golde, that ſuche of theyr freendes as were ſlaine at this laſt bickering might be buried in Saint Colmes Inche.Danes buried in S. Colmes Inche. In memorie whereof, many olde Se|pultures are yet in the ſayde Iuche, there to be ſeene grauen with the armes of the Danes, as the maner of burying noble men ſtill is, and here|tofore hath bene vſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 A peace was alſo concluded at the ſame time betwixte the Danes and Scottiſhmen,A peace con|cluded be|twixt Scottes and Danes. ratified as ſome haue wryten in this wiſe. That from thence foorth the Danes ſhoulde neuer come into Scotlande to make any warres agaynſt the Scottes by any maner of meanes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And theſe were the warres that Duncane had with forrayne enimies in the ſeuenth yeare of his reygne.

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