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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The army of Scottiſhmen beyng thus or|dered, came vnto Culros, where encountring with the enimies, after a ſore and cruell fough|ten batayle,Sueno van|quiſheth the Scottes. Sueno remayned victorious, and Malcolme with his Scottes diſcomfited. How|beit the Danes were ſo broken by this batayle, that they were not able to make long chaſe on theyr enimies, but kepte themſelues all night in order of batayle, for doubte leaſt ye Scots aſſem|bling togither againe, might haue ſet vpon them at ſome aduantage.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 On the morrow when the fieldes were diſ|couered, and that it was perceyued how no eni|mies were to be founde abroade, they gathered the ſpoyle, whiche they deuided amongſt them, according to the lawe of armes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Suenoes com|maundement to ſpare fire & ſworde.Then was it ordeyned by commaundement of Sueno, that no Souldier ſhoulde hurte either man, woman, or childe, excepte ſuche as were founde with weapon in hande ready to make re|ſiſtance, for he hoped now to conquere the realme without further bloudſhed.

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