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Compare 1587 edition: 1 So herevpon eyther of them lept beſide theyr weried horſes in that fierce and earneſt fight. and embracing ech other became good frendes,The diuiſion of the realme of England, be|twixt Canute and Edmond Ironſide. in de|uiding the realme according to the aboue men|cioned mocion of Canute. That parte of En|gland that lieth ouer againſt Fraunce, was aſſi|gned vnto Canute, & the other that is the north partes vnto Edmund. In the meane time Em|ma the wife of Etheldred, with hyr twoo ſonnes (whiche ſhee had by the ſame Etheldred) Alured and Edward,Alured & Ed|ward the ſons of king El|dred. fled ouer into Normandie; doub|ting leaſt this cõcorde betwixt Canute and Ed|mund ſhould turne ſmally to hyr aduauncemẽt.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But now touching the arriuall of Sueno the Norwaygian king in Fyfe, as before is expreſ|ſed, ye ſhall vnderſtand, that the pretence of his comming was to reuenge the ſlaughter of his vncle Camus and other of the Daniſhe nation ſlayne at Barre, Crowdane, and Gemmer.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The crueltie of this Sueno was ſuche,The crueltie of Sueno king of Norway. that he neyther ſpared man, woman, nor childe, of what age, condition or degree ſo euer they were, whereof when king Duncane was certified, hee ſet all ſlouthfull and lingering delayes aparte,Duncane be|ſturreth him ſelfe in aſſem|bling an army. and began to aſſemble an army in moſte ſpeedy wiſe, like a right valiant Captayne: for often|times EEBO page image 242 times it happeneth, that a dull cowarde, and ſlouthfull perſon conſtrayned by neceſſitie, becõ|meth right hardie and actiue. Therefore when his whole power was come togither, he deuided the ſame into three batayles.The ſcottiſhe army deuided into three ba|tayles. The firſte was led by Makbeth, the ſeconde by Banquho, and the king himſelfe gouerned in the mayne batayle or middlewarde, wherein were appoynted to at|tende his perſon the moſte parte of all the reſidue of the Scottiſhe nobilitie.

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