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Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this ſuppoſing it moſte honorable to aduaunce the bloud of ſuch as had ſerued well in the laſt [...] [...], or had their fathers or other frindes ſlaine in the ſame,A parliament at Scone. he called a parliament at Scone, in the whiche cauſing partition to be made of the realme,Diuiſion of the realme in|to Baronnies. by deuiding it into Baron|nies, he beſtowed the ſame amongſt the nobles according to the qualitie of euery one his me|rites, referring in maner nothing to the mainte|nance of the crowne, common entries onely ex|cepted, with the mountayne wherein the marble chaire ſtood, and a fewe other poſſeſſions whiche he purpoſed to giue vnto churches and chapels.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The nobles on the other parte, to the [...]d [...] the king might haue ſufficient wherewith to main|tayne his royall eſtate, graunted vnto him and his ſucceſſours for euer,The wardſhip of heyres graunted to the king. the cuſtodie and ward|ſhip of theyr heyres, if they chaunced to die lea|uing them vnder the age of .xxj. yeares: [...] the meane time till the ſame heyres came to the ſayd age, they agreed that the king & his ſucceſ|ſours ſhoulde enioy the vſe and profites of theyr landes, whether they were men or women, and when they came to the age of .xxj. yeares, that then they ſhould enter into the poſſeſſion of their landes, yeelding vnto him or his ſucceſſours one yeares rent in name of a reliefe, and if they chaũ|ced not to be maried before their fathers deceaſſe,Mariage of wardes. thẽ alſo ſhould they marie at the kings appoint|ment, or els compounde with him for the ſame.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus ended the parliament for that ſeaſon with great ioy and comforte on eche hande, for that the king had ſhewed ſuche liberall bounte|ouſneſſe towardes his Barones, and they no leſſe mindefull of their dueties had declared ſuche beneuolent hartes, as appeared in that theyr free and large gifte graunted in forme and maner as before is expreſſed.

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