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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolme being thus deliuered of his eni|mies the Danes,Publike pray|ers. cauſed publike prayers gene|rally to be made throughout the realme, in ren|dring thanks to almightie God, that it had plea|ſed him to deliuer his people from the troubles of warre.The repayring of Churches. He tooke order alſo, that churches ſhoulde be repayred, which by the enimies in time of the warres had bene deſtroyed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The reſtoring of lawes and iuſtice.And further he cauſed the adminiſtratiõ of the lawes and holeſome ordinaunces of the realme to be vſed and put in practiſe, according to the due forme of the ſame, which many yeares afore could haue no place, by reaſon of the warres.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 A parliament at Bertha.He cauſed an aſſemble of all the eſtates of his realme, to be called at Bertha, a caſtell in thoſe dayes ſtanding not farre from the place where the towne of Perth nowe ſtandeth. In whiche conuention were many things enacted, both for the ſetting foorth of Goddes honour and the weale of the realme, whereby Malcolme wanne much prayſe amongſt his ſubiectes, to the eter|nall memorie of his name.

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