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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Here though Malcolme like a valiant cham|pion, did his beſt to ſtay them that fled, yet was he borne backe with the preaſſe, til he came to ye mids of this place, where ſtoode a Chappell dedicate in the honour of Saint Molok, the which Malcolm beholding, caſt vp his handes towardes heauen, making his prayer on this wiſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Great God of vertue, rewarder of pietie,Malcolmes prayer. and puniſher of ſinne, we thy people ſeeking to defende our natiue coũtrey graunted to vs of thy beneuo|lence, as now deſtitute of al mortal help, and thus oppreſſed with the iniurious inuaſion of Danes, do flee vnto thee in this our extreeme neceſſitie, be|ſeeching thee to haue cõpaſſion vpõ our miſerable eſtate:To you, that is to God, and our Ladie, and Saint Molok, for ſo he ioy|ned them to|gither accor|ding to the maner of that time. Remoue (oh merciful Lorde) this dreadfull terror frõ the people. And oh thou mother of God, the ſicker refuge of mortall people in their diſtreſſe and miſeries: and thou S. Molok to whom this chappel was dedicate, help vs at this preſent, and in the honor of you, I here make a vow to build a cathedral Church for a Biſhops ſea, to remain as a monument to teſtifie vnto our poſterity, that by your ſupport our realme hath bene defended.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Scarcely had Malcolme made an ende of this prayer, when diuerſe of the Nobles with a loude voyce, as though they had bin aſſured yt his praier EEBO page image 233 was herd, cried to their companies: ſtand good fe|lowes, for ſurely it is the pleaſure of almightie God, that we returne and renew the battayle a|gainſt our enimies.

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