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Compare 1587 edition: 1 When both the princes had bound themſelues by ſolemne othes to performe euery point & points in theſe articles compriſed, they layd armor aſide,The warres be|ing ceaſſed, the Princes apply their ſtudies to refourme miſdemeanors and began to take order for reforming of all miſ|demeanours, whiche had happened within the lande, by reaſon of the ciuill contention moued betwixt them and their partakers. Howb [...]eit, commaundement was giuen by eyther of theſe EEBO page image 226 Princes, that their ſubiects ſhould be ſtill in a rea|dineſſe with armure & weapon, if need required to defend themſelues againſt al ſodaine inuaſions of their neighbors, wherby it may be gathered, that the one had the other ſtill in ſome miſtruſt, what countenance ſoeuer they ſhewed outwardly. Yet notwithſtanding for the ſpace of .viij. yeares to|gither, the peace continued without breach, or any notable trouble betwixt them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Grime his alteration from noble qualities vnto deteſtable vices.But Gryme at length of a chaſte and liberall Prince, through long ſlouth and encreaſe of ry|ches, became a moſt couetous tyrant, and ſo cor|rupted in maners and conditions, that it paſſed the termes of al reaſon and equitie: inſomuch that when he had put vnto death diuerſe of his nobles, to the ende he might haue their landes and goodes as forfeyted by attainder, he oppreſſed the people by continuall exactious alſo eche day more than other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 His ſubiects being thus brought into extreme miſerie through his wicked & vniuſt gouernmẽt, not knowing where to ſeeke for redreſſe,The common peoples praier. ſaue only at the handes of almightie God, the puniſher of al ſinne, beſought him to haue pitie of their afflicti|ons, and to chaunge the gouernment of the realm into ſome better eſtate.

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