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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king re|quired pu|blike prayers to be had.Culene herevpon requyred the biſhops to ap|point publike proceſſiõs, faſtings and other god|ly exerciſes to be vſed of the prieſtes and people, through all parties of the realme, for the appea|ſing of Gods wrath in this behalfe, and in ſuche ſorte and maner as in ſemblable caſes, the vſe and cuſtome in thoſe dayes was.The king made an othe. Hee himſelfe made a ſolemne vowe, confirming it with a like othe before all the peeres and nobles there aſſem|bled, that he woulde not ceaſſe till he had reuen|ged the death of king Duffe vpon the falſe inha|bitauntes of Murrayland to the enſample of all other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king wẽt with an armie into Murray lande.The multitude being preſent, getting them to armure followed their prince, taking his iour|ney without further delay towardes Murray|land, the inhabitauntes of whiche region hea|ring of his approch and the cauſe of his cõming, were ſtryken with exceeding feare, but namely Donewalde beyng giltie in conſcience,A gilty con|ſcience accu|ſeth a man. doubted leaſt if he were put to torture, he ſhould be enfor|ced to confeſſe the truthe, wherevpon without making his wyfe priuie to his departure, or any other of his family, ſaue a fewe ſuche as he tooke with him, he ſecretely got him to the mouthe of the ryuer of Spey, where finding a ſhippe ready, he wente a borde the ſame,Donewalde getteth him ſecretly away. purpoſing to haue fledde his wayes by ſea into Norway: for this is the peculiar propertie of a giltie conſcience to be afrayde of all things, and eyther in geſture or countenaunce to bewray it ſelfe, accompting flight moſte ſure if occaſion may ſerue thereto. For this Donewalde,The murther of the king is reueled. whome no man (though ſome partely ſuſpected him) might wel haue bur|dened with the crime of his Maſters death (by reaſon of his faithfull ſeruice ſhewed towardes him afore time) had he not thus ſought to haue auoyded the countrey, was now detected of ma|nifeſt treaſon, euery man deteſting his abhomi|nable facte, and wiſhing him to be ouerwhel|med in the raging floudes, ſo to pay the due pu|niſhment, whiche of right hee ought, for his vile treaſon in murthering his naturall Lorde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 Culene being hereof aduertiſed,The caſtell of Fores is taken and all the in|habitãts ſlain. paſſed ouer Spey water, and taking the caſtell of Fores, ſlew all that he founde therein, and put the houſe to ſacke and fire. Donewaldes wife with his three daughters were taken: for Culene com|maunded, that who ſo euer coulde light vpon them, ſhoulde in any wiſe ſaue theyr liues, and bring them vnto him. Whiche beyng done,The murder is wholy con|feſſed. hee had them to the racke, where the mother vpon hyr examination confeſſed the whole mater, how by hyr procuremẽt chiefly hyr huſbãd was moued to cauſe the deede to be done, who they were that by his commaundement did it, and in what place they had buried the bodie. Here woulde the multitude haue runne vpon hyr and torne hyr in peeces, but that they were reſtray|ned by commaundement of an officer at armes. The king with the reſidue for that night reſted themſelues, and in the morning tooke order for prouiſion of all things neceſſarie to take vp the bodie of king Duffe,King Duffe his body to be taken vp. and then to conuey it vnto Colmekill, there to be buried amongſt his pre|deceſſours. But as they were buſie here about,Donewald is taken pry|ſo|ner. woorde came that the traytour Donewalde was by ſhipwracke caſte vpon the ſhore within foure miles of the Caſtell, as though he were by Gods prouiſion brought backe into his owne coun|trey to ſuffer woorthy puniſhment for his deme|rites. Wherevpon the inhabitaunts of the pla|ces next adioyning, tooke him and kepte him faſt bound till they knewe further of the kings plea|ſure: who right gladde of the newes, ſente forth immediatly a bande of men to fetche him. They that were ſent did as they were commaunded: and beyng vnneth returned, there came in diuers Lordes of Roſſe,Donewaldes foure ſeruaunts were taken al|ſo. bringing with them Done|waldes foure ſeruaunts whiche (as before is ſayde) did execute the murder. Thus all the of|fendours beyng brought togither vnto the place where the murder was bothe contriued and ex|ecuted EEBO page image 210 they were arrayned, condemned, and put to death in maner as followeth, to the great re|ioycing of the people that beheld the ſame. They were firſte ſcourged by the hangman,Donewalde with his con|federates are executed. and then bowelled, their entrailes being throwen into a fire and brente, the other partes of theyr bodies were cut into quarters, and ſent vnto the chie|feſt Cities of the realme, and there ſet vp alofte vpon the gates and higheſt towers; for enſample ſake to all ſuche as ſhould come after, how hay|nous a thing it is to pollute theyr handes in the ſacred bloud of theyr prince. This dreadfull end had Donewald with his wife before he ſaw any ſunne after the murder was committed, and that by the appointment of the moſt rightuous God, the creatour of that heauenly planet and all o|ther things, who ſuffereth no crime to be vnre|uenged.Rewardes gi|uen vnto the takers of thoſe murderers. Thoſe that were the takers of the mur|derers were highly rewarded for their paynes & trauayle therein ſuſtayned, being exempt from charges of goyng forth into the warres: and alſo of all maner of payments belonging to publike dueties, as tributes and ſuche like.

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