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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Donewald aboute the time that the murder was a doing,Donwald kept himſelfe a|mongſt the watchmen. got him amongſt them that kepte the watch, and ſo continewed in companie with them al the reſidue of the night. But in the mor|ning when the noyſe was reyſed in the kings chamber how the king was ſlaine,Donewalde a very diſsimu|ler. his body con|ueyed away, and the bed all berayed with bloud, he with the watche ran thither as though he had knowen nothing of the mater, and breaking into the chamber, and finding cakes of bloud in the bed & on the floore about the ſides of it, he foorth|with ſlewe the chamberlaynes, as giltie of that haynous murder, and then like a madde man running to and fro, hee ranſacked euery corner within the caſtell, as though it had bene to haue ſeene if he might haue founde either the body or any of ye murtherers hid in any pryuie place: but at lẽgth cõming to the poſterne gate, & finding it open, he burdened the chãberlaines whom he had ſlaine with al the fault, they hauing the keyes of the gates cõmitted to their keeping al the night, and therefore it could not be otherwiſe (ſayde he) but that they were of counſel in the committing of that moſte deteſtable murder.Some wyſer than other. Finally ſuche was his ouer earneſt diligence in the inquiſition and triall of the offendours herein, that ſome of the Lordes began to miſlike the mater,The mater ſuſpected. and to ſmell foorth ſhrewed tokens, that he ſhoulde not be altogither cleare himſelfe: but for ſo much as they were in that countrey, where hee had the whole rule, what by reaſon of his frendes and authoritie togither, they doubted to vtter what they thought till time and place ſhoulde better ſerue therevnto, and herevpon got them away euery man to his home.Prodigious weather. For the ſpace of .vj. mo|neths togither after this haynous murder thus EEBO page image 209 committed, there appeared no ſunne by day, nor Moone by night in any parte of the realme, but ſtil was the ſkie couered with cõtinual clowdes, and ſometimes ſuche outragious windes aroſe with lightnings and tempeſtes, that the people were in great feare of preſent deſtruction.

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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Calene.IN the meane time Culene prince of Cum|berland, the ſonne as I haue ſayde of king Indulph, accompanied with a great number of Lordes and Nobles of the realme, came vnto Scone, there to receyue the crowne according to the maner:

The king aſ|ked the cauſe of the foule wea|ther.

The biſhops anſwere vnto the king.

but at his comming thither, he demaũded of the Biſhops what the cauſe ſhould be of ſuch vntemperate weather. Who made an|ſwere, that vndoubtedly almightie God ſhewed himſelfe thereby to be offended moſte highly for that wicked murther of king Duffe, and ſurely onleſſe the offendours were tried foorth and pu|niſhed for that deede, the realme ſhoulde feele the iuſt indignation of the deuine iudgement for o|mitting ſuche puniſhment as was due for ſo greeuous an offence.

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