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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Firſt it was agreed that the yong king Dun|kane ſhould be brought vp vnder the gouernment of wiſe and diſcrete perſons,Articles of co|uenant. to be inſtructed in all Princely knowledge within a ſtrong Caſtell,Their yong king to be wel brought vp. (wherein he had hitherto remayned euer ſithe hys fathers deceaſſe) till he came to yeares of diſcre|tion.King Gregory to haue the go|uernment of the realme. And that in the meane tyme Gregorie ſhoulde haue the gouernaunce of the Realme, receyuing all the fortresses into his possession. He EEBO page image 199 He should also haue the appoyntment of the magystrates, He ſhould alſo appoynt the Magiſtrates. who should see iustice ministred according to the olde statutes and ordinaunces of the Irishe kingdome, that the Irish men should receyue neyther Englishe man, Brytaine, nor Dane, into theyr Countrey, No man to traficke Ire|lande without a paſport. no not so much as for trade of marchandise, without safeconduite to be graunted by him: so that things beeing thus brought vnto a quietnes in Ireland, he receyued an othe of the chiefest of them for performance of couenants, and herewith taking with him three score hostages, hee returned with his victorious army backe into Scotlande. King Gregory returned into Scotlande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this, there chaunced no notable trouble to the Scottes, neyther foraine nor ciuill by all the time of king Gregories raigne, so that passing the residue of his life in quietnesse, he studied chiefly for the politike gouernment of his people in good order and rule to the aduauncement of the common wealth: and finally died an happy olde man, The king died in a Castell called Doundore within the Countrey of Garioth, in the .xviij. yeare after hys entring into his estate, and after the byrth of our sauior .893. 893 He was neuer maryed, but lyued in continuall chastitie: for his famous victories and other his princely doings deseruing of the Scottes to be numbred amongst their most high renowmed princes. Amongst other his princely actes which he set forwarde in his life time, to the adornement of his countrey amd common welth, Aberdine of a village was aduanced by him to the ſtate and dignitie of a [...], Aberdine is made a Citie. and the Churche there indowed with fayre reuenewes and ſundry priuiledges.King Gregory is buried in Colmkill. His bodie was conueyed vnto the Abbey of Colmkill, and there buryed with all ſo|lemne pompe and exequies. Ouer the which hys nexte ſucceſſour Donalde the fift of that name cauſed a fayre tumbe to be erected.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iohn Scot. Some holde that he was an Engliſh man. Bale.In the dayes of this Gregorie alſo, there liued that famous Clerke Iohn Scot, a Scottiſh man in deede borne, but brought [...]p in ſtudie of good literature at Athens, where hauing learned the Greeke tongue, he was ſent for into Fraunce, to come vnto the Emperour Lewes, with whome he remayned in ſeruice for a time: and by whoſe commaundement he tranſlated the booke of S. Dioniſe,Dionyſ. Arco|pagita was tranſlated by Iohn Scot. intit [...]lled Hierarchia, into Latine. After|wardes beeing ſent Ambaſſadour from the ſame Lewes vnto Alured or Alfred king of Englande, he continued with him & taught his children,He taught K. Alured in England. ha|uing a place thereto appoynted him within the Abbay of Malmeſburie, where he had ſuch reſort of hearers and ſcholers,He taught in Malmesbury. that it was a wonder to behold. Notwithſtãding, at length when he ceaſ|ſed not to blame and ſharply to reproue the cor|rupt maners of ſuch his ſchollers as were giuen more to libertie than learning,He was killed [...] his ſcholers. he was by them murthered with daggers, as he was reading vnto [...] was afterwardes regiſtred amongeſt [...] Martyrs.

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