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Compare 1587 edition: 1 But as touching an ende to bee had of hys quarell, and for the reſeruing of the King|dome vnto yong Duncanes behoofe, when hee had the Citie at hys pleaſure, hee woulde then take ſuche order as hee ſhoulde thinke moſt con|uenient.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 This anſwere of the Scottiſhe king being re|ported vnto them within the Citie,Dublin is ſur|rendred vnto king Gregory. they determi|ned forthwith to ſet open their gates to receyue him: who, when he had cauſed ſearch to be made whither all things were truely ment according to the outwarde ſhewe or not, he marched forth towardes the Citie to enter the ſame in order of battaile, with all hys whole armie,Gregorie was receyued with Proceſsion. into the which he was receiued with Proceſſion of al the eſtates: for firſt there mette him all the Prieſtes and men of Religion, with the Byſhop,Cormach B. of Dublin b [...] commeth a croſſe bearer. the foreſayd Cor|mach, who hauing vpon him his Pontificall ap|parell, bare in his handes the Crucifixe: then fol|lowed the Nobles with the other multitude. Which order when Gregorie behelde, he com|maunded his battaile to ſtay a little, and there|with he himſelfe aduaunced forth on foote till hee came to the Biſhop, and falling downe vpon his knees, he reuerently kiſſed the Crucifix,He kiſſeth the Crucifix. where|vpon receyuing humble thankes with high com|mendation of the Biſhop for ſuche his clemencie, he entred the Citie, not ſtaying till he came into the Market place, where commaunding one part of his armie to keepe their ſtanding, he went with the reſidue vnto the Church of our Ladie, and af|ter to that of Saint Patrike, where hearing the celebration of diuine ſeruice when the ſame was ended, hee entred the Caſtell,He entred the Caſtell. where his lodging was prepared. In the morning he cauſed exe|cution to be done of certaine vnruly perſons of his [figure appears here on page 198] armie, whiche in the night paſſed had broken vp the houſes of ſome of the Citizens, and rauiſh [...]d diuerſe women. And for this acte Gregorie be|ing had in highe reuerence of the Iriſhe people, lodged part of hys armie win the Citie, and part he commaunded to lodge wythout in the campe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 At length hauing remayned a ſeaſon in thys eſtate at Dublin, hee cauſed the Iriſhe Lordes to aſſemble in Counſaile,A peace con|cluded with Irelande. where in the ende the peace was concluded betwixte him and them, with theſe articles and couenants.

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