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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 This Euan therefore being the kings Lieu|tenant of his Caſtell of Dunſtafage in Louch|quhaber,Euan Lieute|nant of Dun|ſtafage conſpi|reth agaynſt the king. practiſed a conſpiracie agaynſt the king, with a number of other light perſons being gen|tlemen borne, miſlyking the adminiſtration of things, onely for that they ſawe how their inor|dinate libertie to oppreſſe inferiour perſons, and to vſe ſuch wilde and inſolent miſdemeanor, as they had done afore time, was nowe reſtrayned by lawfull iuſtice and execution of due puniſhment for the ſame. But as theſe conſpirators went a|bout to haue moued the people of Louchquhaber, Murrey land, Roſſe, and Cathneſſe, to haue ioy|ned with them in their trayterous enterpriſe: ſome of them in whom Euan put moſt truſt,The king is aduertiſed of Euan his treaſon. ſecretely aduertiſed the king of all the whole matter, who gathering a competent number of men togither, made ſuche ſpeedie haſte towardes Dunſtafage, where the chiefe Captaine of the Rebelles as then lay,The king cõ|meth to Dun|ſtafage with an armie. that he came before the ſame ere any ynkling were knowne to them within of his approch. By meane whereof comming vppon them ſo at vn|wares, hee had the Caſtell ſoone at his pleaſure.Euan is exe|cuted. And immediately herevpon cauſed Euan to bee truſſed vp on a high payre of Gallows, for a ſpec|takle to all his complices.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And furthermore, leaſt the other conſpirators might prouide them of ſome other Chieftaine,Many kept in priſon. he apprehended diuerſe of the nobilitie that were ac|cuſed to be of Euans confederacie, the whiche he put in ſtrayte pryſon, there to bee ſafely kept, tyll the Peeres of the Realme had determined wyth good deliberation, what ſhoulde become of them. This buſineſſe being in this wiſe appeaſed, when all men looked for quietneſſe, there ſodenly follo|wed a greater and more pernicious trouble:One trouble followeth ano|ther. for ſuch is the courſe of the worlde, that when men leaſt thinke of miſchiefe, they fall oftentimes into moſt daunger.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Cadane king of Denmarke,Cadane king of Denmarke. pretending a ti|tle to all ſuche landes as ſometimes belonged to the Pictes, for that the reſidue of that Nation which had eſcaped the handes of the Scottes and Engliſhe men, had reſigned vnto him all theyr ryght and intereſt of the ſame landes, hee deter|mined in that quarell (and in reuenge of the in|iuries which the Pictes alledged they had ſuſtey|ned) to make warres both vpon the Scottes and Engliſh men.The cauſe that moued the Da+nes to make warre againſt England and Scotlande. He cauſed therefore an huge num|ber of ſhippes to be prepared, and a mightie army of men to be put in a readineſſe, to paſſe in the ſame ouer into Albion, vnder the leading of hys two brethren, the one named Hungat, and the o|ther Hubba.

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