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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Kepers of bã|ketting houſes to be baniſhed.It was alſo ordeyned, that all ſuch as kept vitayling houſes for banketting cheare, ſhould be baniſhed the realme, with thoſe that kept brothell houſes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus were the Scottes by obſeruing of theſe ordinances,Scottes were made ſober & able to abyde hardnes. made within ſhort time of gluttons & exceſſiue feeders, ſober and temperate men: of de|licate and eaſefull perſons, hard, tough, and able to abide any trauail or labour, were the ſame ne|uer ſo painfull: and hereof the ſtate of the common wealth began to grow to good perfection, ſo that Conſtantines adminiſtration was lyked of the moſt part of all his ſubiects.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The firſt that went about to diſquiet the proſperous raigne of that worthie Prince, was one Euan,Euan diſquie|ted the king and realme. a man of an aũcient houſe, & borne in the Weſterne Iles. Such hath bene the vnquiet nature of the Scottiſh men, euen from the begin|ning,The vnquiet nature of Scot+tiſh men. neuer to liue contented any long tyme eyther with peace or warre, for being once a wea|ried with the charges of the warres, they ſtraight wayes wiſhe for peace, and hauing in time of peace heaped togither ſome wealth, then can they not ſuffer the gouernment of their ſuperiours, but either are readie to fall out with ſome forraine e|nimie, or elſe to raiſe ſome commotion amongſt themſelues.

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