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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Youth ſhoulde eate but one meale a day.For the youth of his realme he tooke order (to brydle them the better from wanton delites and ſenſuall luſtes) that none of them ſhoulde haue paſt one meale a day, and that of no fine or dain|tie delicates, and to abſtaine from all ſuch drinke as might diſtemper their brayne, ſo that if anye yong perſon,Drunkennes puniſhed with death. either man or woman were known to be dronken, they ſhould die for it.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 He commaunded further, that all the youth of his realme, ſhoulde exerciſe running, wraſtling, ſhooting, throwing of the dart and bowle, ſo to auoyde ſlouthfulneſſe, that their bodies myghte with ſuch exerciſes be made the more able to en|dure paynes and trauaile: and for the ſame pur|poſe he tooke order, that they ſhoulde lye vpon the bare bourdes, with one mantell onely throwne vnder them,Youth to be treined vp in hardneſſe. ſo that they ſhould taſt nothing nei|ther by day nor night, that might noozell them in any wanton delytes or effeminate pleaſures.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Kepers of bã|ketting houſes to be baniſhed.It was alſo ordeyned, that all ſuch as kept vitayling houſes for banketting cheare, ſhould be baniſhed the realme, with thoſe that kept brothell houſes.

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