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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame yeare that the realme of Scotlande was brought vnto ſuch miſerable ſtate by the pu|iſſant force of the Engliſh men and Brytains, as aboue is rehearſed, there were ſundrie wonders heard of in the countrey:A young babe giueth warning vnto hys mo|ther. as in Lothian a childe of one Moneth olde and a halfe, admoniſhed the mother to flie out of that countrey, for it woulde come to paſſe, that the enimies ſhoulde come and take that region out of the Scottiſh mens hands. Beaſts alſo as they were paſturing abrode in the fieldes there, roaring after a ſtraunge ſort,Beaſtes roa|ryng dyed. ſoden|ly dyed. Fiſhes likewiſe in ſhape reſembling the figure of man,Fiſhes lyke in ſhape to men. were founde deade in the ſandes of the Scottiſh ſea. In Galloway there fell ſuch a|bundance of Adders and Snakes out of the ſkie,Adders & ſna|kes fell downe out of the sky. that the ayre being corrupted with the ſauour of them lying on the grounde, both men and beaſtes dyed of certain diſeaſes, which they tooke through infection thereof.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Such as were accounted to be ſkilfull in di|uination, affyrmed that theſe things did ſignifie an infortunate raigne with an euill ende vnto king Donalde, as afterwardes it happened,The interpre|tation of the prodigious things. who hauing made away himſelfe in priſon (as before is expreſſed) Conſtantine the ſonne of king Ken|neth was crowned king at Scone,King Cõſtan|tine Crowned. in the Chayre of Marble there, according to the maner as then vſed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 After his firſt entring into the eſtate, he would gladly haue gone in hãd with the warres againſt ye Engliſh mẽ,He fain would recouer his predeceſſours loſſes. to haue recouered out of their poſ|ſeſſions, thoſe countreys which they had lately ta|ken from the Scottes in his predeceſſors time: but his counſell aduiſed him otherwiſe,He was adui|ſed otherwiſe by his counſel. declaring that the eſtate of the common wealth was ſo decayed by the miſgouernance of his ſayde predeceſſour, that till the ſame were refourmed, and ſuche in|teſtine diſcorde, as through licencious libertie EEBO page image 187 raigned amongſt his ſubiects might be appeaſed and quieted, there was no hope to atchieue anye worthie enterpriſe abrode agaynſt forraine eni|mies. Hereupon by theyr aduertiſements and good aduice,Miſorders are redreſſed. hee deuiſed a reformation of all ſuch miſorders as were growen vp in al partes of his realme: and firſt for the ſpiritualtie, he orday|ned that Prieſtes ſhould attende their cures,Prieſtes ſhould onely attende their vocation. and not to intermeddle with any ſecular buſineſſe, but to be free from going forth to the warres: ney|ther ſhould they keepe horſes, hawkes, or hounds. And if any of them wer found negligent in doing his duetie apperteyning to his vocation,A penaltie for not doing their dueties. he ſhould for the firſt fault forfeyt a peece of money, but for the ſecond he ſhould loſe his benefice.

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