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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Scots a|riue in IrelandAt their firſt arriuall there, they came into the hauen of Dundalke, where getting a lande, they firſt encamped themſelues neare vnto the ſhore, and then ſente forth certaine of their folkes to ſearch if they could learne what people inhabited in the countrey, by whom at their returne, and by ſuch as they had happened vppon and brought with them, they vnderſtoode howe there was no great number of Inhabitants in that Iſle,Iriſh men liue by milke and hearbes. and that they which dwelled there were verie ſimple, ſuch I meane as liued onely by mylke and hear| [...]es, with other the like things as the earth by na|ture brought forth of hir owne accorde, without mans helpe or vſe of any tyllage.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Iriſh men are gently en|treated.Herevpon Hiber with his brother Himecus, went not aboute with force, but by gentleneſſe to wynne thoſe people, mynding to ioyne them in friendſhippe ſo wyth theyr Scottiſhe men, that bothe the people myghte bee made as one.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Neyther was this harde to bee done, ſithence the Inhabitauntes (perceyuing the Scottiſhe men not to goe about to harme them came floc|king in wholy about them, ſubmitting themſel|ues into their handes with gladneſſe.

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