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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Which may be thus tranſlated:

Except olde ſawes do ſayle,
and wiſards wittes be blinde,
The Scottes in place muſt raigne,
where they this ſtone ſhall finde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But to re|turne [figure appears here on page 3] where I lefte, touchyng Gathelus.Galitia not ſufficient to find the Scot [...].

Compare 1587 edition: 1 When he per|ceyued that his people multy|plyed in ſuche wiſe, as the cun+trey which was appoynted him by the laſte a|greement, was not able to ſu|ſteyne them, he was lothe to EEBO page image 4 breake the peace whiche he had eſtabliſhed wyth the Spaniards by ſeeking to enlarge the bounds of his dominion with breach of couenaunt: and therefore vnderſtanding that there was an Iſlãd lying north ouer agaynſt Spaine,The Scottes ſeeke newe ſeates. wherein were but fewe Inhabitours, he cauſed all ſuch ſhippes as he was able to make, to bee brought togither into an Hauen neare vnto Brigantia, and com|maunding a great armie of his owne people and ſubiectes to bee aſſembled, he appoynted his two ſonnes whome hee had by his wife Scota, the one named Hyberus, and the other Himecus, to conuey them ouer into that Iſlande, whiche afterwardes they named Hibernia, after Hy|berus, but nowe it is commonly called Ire|lande.

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